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April 25, 2023 newsletter

New Cone Holder

Have you ever wound a warp using an old shoe box with holes in its side and chopsticks or knitting needles supporting 1 or 2 cones of yarn as you wind your warp? If you have, then you will know that – when you least expect it – the chopstick has managed to move and slide out of one of its holes. Then – you spend your time getting everything back in order before you can carry on.

If this sounds like you … we have an answer! Check out the cone holder that we now carry waiting on our shelves to head to your home and make winding a warp a whole lot easier 😉 It’s designed to control your yarn – no matter what kind of cone you are using until your yarn is happily on your warping board or warping mill.

New Eco-Jeans Colour in Stock!

We’re happy to say that we have added this beautiful zinger to our Eco Jeans colour range. 

Very Light Yellow will add a little spark of brightness should you want to create your own design to weave into scarves or maybe a wrap for a baby. 

The Eco Jeans yarn is made from recycled jeans and used plastic bottles. Worn jeans, jackets and other articles of jeans fabric will get a new life. A gift you can create that is also kind to our planet – win-win!

Check out all our Eco Jeans colours right here!

Cramming and Denting Eco Jeans Scarves

While we’re on the subject of Eco Jeans yarn – this kit has become a hit with our JST worldwide family. This Eco Jeans yarn is lovely to work with when weaving Cramming and Denting. The yarn is well suited because it grabs onto itself and holds in place very well. You have enough yarn in the kit to weave 2 scarves that are light and airy, casual and warm. Also included are full instructions on how to weave Cramming and Denting along with the pattern for the scarves. The result …. a perfect addition to jeans and a T-shirt!

Project Specs
Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: Plain Weave
Material: Venne Eco Jeans
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Loom requirements
Shafts: 4
Reed: 10 dent
Weaving width: 13″

School of Weaving’s Halvdrall Episode
airing May 4th!

Season 7, Episode 5 – Halvdräll will be live soon, and the kits for this exciting episode are now available so you can have your loom ready and waiting when it airs.

This episode introduces Halvdräll, which I tend to think of as Monk’s Belt on steroids. Colour and Weave works beautifully on this structure, as does texture, so we’ll start adding another layer. Simple unit designs or big block designs and again, it is hard to believe that all these looks come from the idea of a unit. Positive/Negative is a strong force in Monk’s Belt/Halvdräll and is also a strong Positive/Negative force in Colour and Weave. Have fun with Halvdräll…


Project Specs
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: Halvdrall
Material: 8/2 cotton
Each kit makes: 8 Tea Towels

Loom requirements
Shafts: 4
Reed: 10 dent
Weaving width:22
Finished Dimensions: 27″ X 19″

The Cone Family!

We recently had the question – “how do I know how much yarn is left on my cone?” We were able to send the weaver to our Knowledge Base and specifically – The Cone Family. It’s one of the many topics and questions in the Knowledge Base that can help you to find the answers to your questions quite quickly.  The Knowledge Base has a lot of information that Jane has written over the years – questions about looms, tie-ups, and weaving with different yarns, as well as Louet loom-specific questions that she has answered.

Read more on The Cone Family

Knowledge Base

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