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November 14, 2023 newsletter

Mix & Match Towel Gifts

Shades of Grey

Oslo Tea Towels

We’re excited to introduce you to a new kit..Oslo. Oslo grew out of our Rustic Elegance Tea Towel and is perfect for anyone who liked the look of that tea towel but thought a bit of colour might make it sparkle. We played with a different Colour and Weave threading, framed our new creation with Cherry and it popped!

We realized, as we were “playing” with Oslo, that we have a number of tea towels that it would pair beautifully with – in anyone’s kitchen. The idea grew into why not weave several different kits while there’s still time. You would have a selection to choose from when you are deciding who would get what for Christmas 🙂 And…the recipients of your thoughtfulness would have towels that would add an elegant look to any kitchen. One thing led to another.

Think about it – Oslo hanging out with Alfresco, or Garibaldi and Rustic Elegance patiently waiting together to be put to work. Depending on how ambitious you are – you could weave them all and give the very special people on your list a selection of towels – instead of “just” two.

As a bonus – think of the fun you would have weaving them!


These towels are based on classic, old-world patterns with a contemporary twist. Incredibly versatile, they’ll be perfect with charcuterie and wine in a modern stainless steel kitchen, or a rustic picnic in the great outdoors come springtime. Woven in Turned Twill, Alfresco Kit weaves 8 towels in 8/2 cotton.

Rustic Elegance – Linen

Our beautiful huck tea towels have a rustic yet modern elegance, perfect for your minimalist decor. Woven in organic 16/2 linen from Venne in Holland, these towels will be passed down for generations….they are new heirlooms. Rustic Elegance in Linen kit includes 5 cones of organic linen to weave 4 stunning towels.

Rustic Elegance – Cotton

It is always so much fun to design contemporary fabrics with weave structures that have been used for centuries. Huck has been used for towelling since the middle ages. The simple 2 stripe design presents 4 different ways to use Colour and Weave patterning on Huck weft floats. Rustic Elegance, the 8/2 cotton version gives you 8 towels woven on 4 shafts with a finished dimension of 21.5″ wide by 28″ long.


Garibaldi 4 shafts

Garibaldi 8 shafts

Our Garibaldi Flats collection is inspired by the greys and whites seen on the mountains in Garibaldi Provincial Park in beautiful British Columbia. This kit is available in 4 shafts simple straight draw 2/2 Twill or 8 shafts Turned Twill. The graphic and colour plays are endless with both of these kits.

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M’s & O’s with Huck Theory Towels

When M’s & O’s, Colour & Weave and Huck get together, the end results are stunning! This kit has all the yarn, the draft plus the treadling for 10 different towels to follow along with the videos. If you’re a member of the School of Weaving and have already downloaded your PDF from the most recent episode, you can order the yarn right here. You’ll need 3 cones of 8/2 cotton in Natural and 3 cones of 8/2 cotton in Black.

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

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