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February 21, 2023 newsletter

“One-Off” Dusty Rose Silk

We have a few ‘Limited Edition’ 30/2 Bombyx silk skeins that are available in lovely Dusty Rose. Dyeing our range of beautiful silks can sometimes give us a delightful surprise. And that is exactly what happened when Dusty Rose came out of the dye pot! It’s a beautiful soft colour that will appeal to lovers of delicate pinks/purples. Get one or two while you can!

Get ready for the next SoW episode!

Head’s up to all subscribers of the School of Weaving …..

Bob Keates, co-creator of Fiberworks PCW, returns this coming Thursday on Season 7 Episode 2 to help us expand our depth of knowledge of this fabulous weaving design software. Using a computer drafting programme makes playing with Colour and Weave ideas easy. Bob also briefly reviews what he covered in Season 4 Episode 2. Then ….. he adds a lot of information about other features this amazing program is capable of ….. linking/unlinking, block substitution, and adding colour sequences.

If you don’t already have Fiberworks on your computer – download a free trial of the software before the next episode airs on Thursday. Then you will be ready to learn how Fiberworks PCW can blow your mind with all its design tools and possibilities.

Download for Windows:
Download for Mac:

Get ready for ANWG!

On the west side of North America we’re getting ready to finally have our post-COVID biannual gathering of weavers, organized by ANWG (Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds). It will be held at the Riverhouse Convention Center and Hotel in Bend, Oregon, June 11-18, 2023. A traditional part of ANWG is to have an exhibit of handwoven items using at least 3 of the colours chosen to represent that particular conference. This year the colours that were chosen are Blue (for Oregon’s water), Green (for their agriculture) Rusty-red (for the rimrock so visible in the State), Gold (for golden fields) and Purple (for their mountains and wine). Even if you aren’t able to attend the conference – you can still have fun weaving a project using ANWG’s colours.

Why not weave your project for this year’s conference exhibit (or a personal project of your own) with the 20/2 silk below – dyed in British Columbia – one of the member areas of ANWG. Unfortunately, we will not be attending ANWG this year – Jane is still very, very busy weaving the balance of the samples for Season 7’s episodes 😉

20/2 Tussah Silk

From Our Inbox

We were thrilled to receive and to be able to share, Linda Brown of Australia’s photos. She took what she learned in the Turned Twill and Colour and Weave episodes and created table mats and tea towels from what she learned in the episodes. Thank you for sharing with us Linda so we were able to share your weaving journey with others!

I have recently watched and woven turned twill and Colour and Weave episodes, and I’m in love with them both. Having never really understood what Colour and Weave meant, I’ve ignored it over the years, but the gamp has so changed my mind. I straight away made some table mats for sister in law, and gifted a couple of the towels from the sample warp . Love love love all the possibilities.

I’m excited to keep on through the classes and all the seasons! Thanks for making it fun Jane and a treat for the senses with all the gorgeous samples you show.  Two pictures, Colour and Weave table mats woven for my sister in law and towels from the Colour and Weave gamp/sample.

Linda Brown, Australia

Colour & Weave Episode

The Colour & Weave episode features the first of three gamps in the Season 2 SoW series. Gamps are great for getting a lot of information out of one warp. Colour & Weave is pure magic. How can all these little sequences of dark and light net us so many remarkable little patterns? The patterns themselves are remarkable but the sequencing is very important, it is the source of so much of the “play” in all of my work.

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