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April 18, 2023 newsletter

New JST kit!

Alfresco Tea Towels

These towels are based on classic, old-world patterns with a contemporary twist. Incredibly versatile, they’ll be perfect with charcuterie and wine in a modern stainless steel kitchen, or a rustic picnic in the great outdoors.

Jane wove them in 8 Shaft Turned Twill where she overlaid Colour & Weave as a design element. Weave all 8 of Jane’s designs or pick your favourites and leave room on your warp to come up with your own creations 😉 

Project Specs
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: 8 shaft Turned Twill
Material: 8/2 cotton
Each kit makes: 8 Towels

Loom requirements
Shafts: 8
Reed: 12 dent
Weaving width: 21″
Finished Dimensions: 26″ X 19″

Picnic Basket Tea Towel Kit

Our Picnic Basket Tea Towel kit is a fun project to weave. There are so many possibilities for exploration with this kit. These towels are a perfect step into the world of linen – with your warp made of 16/2 linen. You can weave them with 100% linen or use the Cottolin that comes with the kit, a fabulous yarn made from 70% cotton and 30% linen. You’ll have plenty of warp to weave them the way Jane has designed them. Or, weave your favourites from the draft and … if you have stash yarn just waiting to be used, these towels invite you to play with your stash colours in the warp. 

Project Specs
Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: 2/2 Twill & Basket Weave
Material: 16/2 Venne Organic Linen & 16/2 Venne Organic Cottolin
Each kit makes: 8 Tea Towels

Loom requirements
Shafts: 4 shaft pattern, with rising shed tie-up
Reed: 12 dent
Weaving width: 21″

Rustic Elegance in Linen

We have a few Rustic Elegance Linen kits in stock. These towels are a study in ‘colour and weave’ techniques on Huck Weft Spots with a simple 2 stripe design using Venne’s GOTS certified linen. Woven on a 4 shaft loom with a 23″ weaving width, this pattern originally created years ago for a JST Deluxe Weavers Retreat will be the perfect addition to any kitchen!

Project Specs
Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: Huck lace
Material: 16/2 organic linen
Each kit makes: 4 towels or 2 runners

Loom requirements
Shafts: 4
Width in reed: 22 ½”
Reed: 12 dent

Kiki’s Swedish Lace Tea Towels

These towels have become a favourite for anyone who sees them. A “blank” canvas that comes to life as you weave it with 8/2 cotton in Dark Grey, Periwinkle or Nile. Magic happens while you weave and the magic is in the threading 😉

Project Specs
Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: Swedish Lace
Material: 8/2 cotton & 16/2 cotton
Each kit makes: 8 Tea Towels

Loom requirements
Shafts: 4
Reed: 10 dent
Weaving width: 24″

From Our Inbox

Lisa of Florida, USA has sent us a photo of the fun she has been having with denting and clasped weft.  We love to see how our School of Weaving members can make magic happen. Beautiful job, Lisa!
Love, love, love Jane Stafford School of weaving and if you ever reinstate in-person retreats/workshops, I would relish the chance to be there, all the way from Sarasota, Florida. This is my third sample scarf, using denting and clasped weft with your yarns. I love what happened! I started with just random threads and pulling them through haphazardly and then did some shapes, always with a 1/2 stripe separation. It’s one of my favorites!

Lisa Rubinstein

School of Weaving Denting Episode

If you want to learn more about the School of Weaving project that inspired Lisa’s project, check out the Denting episode and kit!

Things you will learn in this lesson:

  • To weave with finer threads.
  • Dented fabrics need to have a firm sett… they are not woven at an open sett. Our reed and our beat create the open space.
  • We open our minds to adapting our weaving technique, ie throwing two picks to create resistance, then tap, tap, tap.
  • We learn to control our beater.
  • How to really visualize negative space.
  • How to bring gradation work over from Colour and Design and overlay it onto a new idea.
  • That we can mix cotton and silk.

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