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April 16, 2023 newsletter

You’ll rave about the 20 colours
of our new 16/2 Bamboo line 😃

This wonderful 100% 16/2 Bamboo comes in 20 rich colours, giving you an amazing range of colours in your design/crayon box. Just imagine the fun you could have designing and weaving a scarf of many colours. This bamboo is very fine and can be sett at 24 epi for Plain Weave or sett at 30 epi for a 3/1 Turned Twill. Your Twill scarf will seem like magic when the light bounces off the sheen you will create. And … your stash will be happy to welcome our 227g (half-pound cones), which will give you 3360 yards that can be waiting for other projects in your future. This bamboo can be used as warp and weft and can also be used as weft blended with 8/2 cotton or 16/2 cotton warp, the options are endless.

We’ll upload a photo of Bamboo in Forest soon! In the meantime, enjoy a photo of Freya with our silks 🙂

From Our Inbox

We’ve had several questions lately about weaving baby blankies and … we have a perfect example to share with you. The photo of this stunning baby blanket below was sent to us by Mary Ann Jackson of Victoria, British Columbia. Thank you for sharing Mary Ann!

Thought you might like to see the baby blanket I created using 4-ply cotton and cloud cotton.

I like the light-weight hand and soft cushy feel.

Mary Ann Jackson

Check out our Organic Cloud Cotton Line and our 8/4 cotton!

All Louet looms are in stock and ready to ship. From now until the end of the year receive a FREE BENCH with the purchase of a Louet floor loom! Shipping on looms is free in North America. To our friends in the USA, no duties/import fees apply and you can pay for your loom in US dollars.

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