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Spring is Here

Fibres West is coming!

And the beautiful JST booth will be there with all of your favourite yarns and accessories.

Fibres West will be held on Friday March 21 and Saturday March 22 from 9:30 – 6 at the Cloverdale Exhibition Park Grounds.  Click here for more details and driving directions.

We are bringing a double booth full of exquisite yarns and equipment – but we can’t bring everything.  We will happily pack up specific orders if you get in touch with us by Tuesday March 18.  We don’t want anyone to be disappointed.  A great opportunity to save on shipping.

See you soon!

Some Extra Special Deals

We have two great items that we’re offering at 2013 prices:

We have one Jane 40 for $995.  Current price is now $1200 so you’ll save $205!  Brand spankin’ new, still in the box.




We also have one Schacht Ladybug left. The 2014 price has just gone up to $715 and we have this last one available for $595.  An excellent deal!


Current Prices

A little note to all our Canadian customers.  As we’ve watched the Canadian dollar slide, we have also watched many of our costs rise. WE ARE NOT RAISING YARN PRICES FOR 2014.  This also means that shopping in Canada is a better deal for our customers south of the border.  If you’ve been thinking of ordering from us, now’s the time.

Great News on the Organic Cotton Front

All of the cotton in our COTTOLIN is now ORGANIC!

This wonderful yarn is 60% Organic Cotton/40% Linen.  The colours are fabulous, the texture is wonderful and it makes excellent cloth.  The price will stay at $12 for 100g.

And, you can now get all of our 100% organic cotton on 1 kilo cones.

At $88 per kilo cone, this is a fantastic price.  100g cones are $11.  Not only will you get the satisfaction of weaving with a wonderful yarn, but you will also be contributing to the health of our little planet.


Oh my, where to begin.2 1/2 weeks ago I returned from India and I’m desperately trying to stay between the two worlds.This trip was just as amazing as my first and I feel so blessed to have been able to go back again.

During the trip we experienced temperatures as high as 37C, 98F riding camels through the desert … phew … then I flew home to…..12″ of fresh snow…..and now two weeks later the frogs are croaking like mad and the crocuses are popping out of the ground.



During my month away we visited many villages of artisans.  Dyers, weavers, block printers, block carvers and bell makers.  It is the people of India that move me the most.  It is those artisans, what they create, how they live and where they live that pull at my heart.  I can hardly wait to go back again.


One of the first villages I went back to was Jawaja, a small village out in the desert in Rajasthan.Charllotte Kwon and the Maiwa Foundation have been working with this village for approx. 20 years.It is a village of leather workers and weavers.The weavers as always, steal my heart.This trip I brought them a table loom so that they could try samples of Summer and Winter weave structure for weft faced rugs.


It is difficult for them to take a loom out of production to try new things, hence the table loom. They were very excited with many members of the village in attendance for this little table loom’s unveiling.  I was able to bring along a binder of rug ideas to share keeping in mind that they don’t get to leave their village and see what is happening with weavers elsewhere in the world.  They were challenged and delighted to have other weaving considerations presented to them.  Maiwa sells Jawaja’s carpets and leather goods online at this link.


One spot left in Colour & Design, April 7 – 11.  Colour & Design will not be offered again until 2015.



Join us to rejuvenate and re-inspire your creative journey.  Jane shares her design process with the group to help you become a confident weaver capable of bringing your own ideas to life!




Pushing the Boundaries of Plainweave, June 30 – July 4.  One spot available.

Pushing the Boundaries of Plainweave, July 28 – August 1.  Two spots available.

Happy Trails to Charlotte!

Our little Charlotte heads off into the wild blue yonder this coming April.  She’s driving down the west coast in search of fun and adventure ~ in the weaving world, out in nature, through dance and good food.  She’ll be going all the way down through Washington, Oregon and California to Mexico, into Central America and possibly even South America.  If you’ve got any tips about your favourite places or if you’d like to have her drop in and visit for a night or two (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), you can send her an email at   We’re sure going to miss her around here… has been a great 4 years!


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