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September 26, 2023 newsletter

Add your own touch to these downloadable patterns!

We can’t pretend anymore that the last day of Summer is solidly behind us! Now that we are seeing the end of September, we thought that you and/or your Guild might be looking for inspiration for a tea towel exchange or weaving Christmas gifts. This week we are featuring our $10 patterns, the ones that aren’t in kits, so you can change the colours and add your own personal colour palette to the items you want to weave 😉

Mavis’ Monk’s Belt & Basket Weave Scarves

Have you been dreaming about creating a beautiful scarf or two in the near future? The Mavis’ Monk’s Belt & Basket Weave Scarves pattern comes in both versions in the downloadable pattern. You get to pick the one that appeals to you or weave both, and you are all set for seasonal Guild or craft sales and/or gift-giving. 

Garnet & Ginger
woven with

Zephyr (wool/silk) in Garnet
12 gauge Bambu Ginger

Zephyr (wool/silk) in Chartreuse
20/2 Bombyx Silk in Salt Spring Sky

JST Tea Towel Patterns

One of our favourite things we get to weave is a tea towel warp. We are offering a downloadable selection of different towel patterns. Tea towels are always a popular item at Guild Sales and seasonal craft sales. Or put a warp on your loom and weave off a gift for everyone in your extended family! 

Harvest Splendour Tea Towels

These towels use our lovely Venne 8/2 Organic cotton in an array of beautiful fall colours. What better combination of Mother Nature and organic yarns.

Undulating Twill Tea Towels

This 8-shaft Twill towel woven by Sharon Broadley was first seen on the All About Stripes episode. We had lots of requests and Sharon shared her pattern with us!

Spring Has Sprung Tea Towels

Great for the beginner weaver! Weave 8 towels in plain weave using 8/2 cotton in a colourful array of greens with a touch of Raspberry.

Kiki’s Swedish Lace Tea Towels

These classic towels were designed by Kiki for the Swedish Lace Show & Tell. She used Fibonacci numerical series to come up with her wonderful graphic placement of the blocks.

Jane’s Favourite Organic Tea Towels

Jane’s Favourite Organic towels were designed after her trip to India where she was surrounded by an amazing palate of colours. The pattern uses Venne’s Organic 8/2 cotton but you can use any 8/2 cotton to weave these 4 towels.

Cornucopia Tea Towels

Another favourite pattern using Venne’s Organic Cotton in Bright Pink, Flaming Red, Orange & Havana. These towels will bring life to any kitchen!

JST Blanket Patterns

Mohair Blankets

Here’s an opportunity to weave a mohair blankie and change up the colours before you order your yarn. This way you can create a blankie in your favourite colours or…someone special’s happy colours 😉 If you already have a stash of mohair – then do your “wrap the ruler” test to check on the sett that you would need for your personal project. If you don’t … have a lot of fun choosing your personal colour choices from the 32 colours of the fabulous mohair we carry! 

Spring Stripes Mohair Blankie
click here to purchase Spring Stripes

Three Stripe Mohair Blankie
click here to purchase Three Stripe

These pattern have instructions to weave one mohair throw with finished dimensions 41” x 74” plus fringes. The patterns include instructions for warping with sticky threads front to back, threading, weaving & finishing.

Whole Lotta Huggin’ Blanket

Do you want to weave a blanket but not in mohair? Then the Whole Lotta Huggin’ is the blanket pattern for you! It’s woven in our reasonably priced Quebecoise 2-ply wool. Quebecoise comes in a wide range of colours you can choose from – should you wish to get creative with the colours in your blankie. The bonus of this blanket warp is that you’ll end up with 3 blankets – 2 that you can sell and 1 that you can keep so you and your family are cozy this coming winter.

Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Weave structure: Plain Weave
Finished Dimensions : 39″ X 75-78″ plus fringes

Purchase Quebecoise 2-ply wool here

In Case You Missed It

School of Weaving

Turned Taquete Lesson

Our latest episode aired last Thursday! This is a great episode that will help you get blocks that look close to Turned Twill on just 4 shafts. Turned Taquete is a wee marvel with a straight draw threading and the ability to manipulate 2 blocks on 4 shafts.

This episode will teach you all you need to know so you can weave this exciting variety of tea towels. It’s hard to believe they are all off the same warp! That’s the magic of Turned Taquete!

You can buy the full kit here. Kit includes all the yarns needed plus the weaving instructions (including draft) to follow along with the videos.

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on

Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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