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October 4, 2023 newsletter

Majestic Maple Colourway

We were asked if our Tussah Majestic Maple could be dyed in 20/2 Bombyx & 30/2 Bombyx silk weights. Our dyer got busy with her dye pots and you can see the results below. A perfect opportunity to weave a scarf that will make you feel like fall is here and then wear it during the winter to keep those memories alive 😉

More Choices with Eco-Jeans!

To give you more variety weaving with this environmentally friendly yarn – we’ve added more colours to our Eco Jeans colour range. Now you can add Olive, Havanna, Black and Rush to your choice of colours when designing your next project with this fabulous yarn. These 4 colours come in 100-gram cones with 656 yards per cone.

From Our Inbox

Sometimes weavers need a bit of help…

Lisann (Elisabeth) from Maple Ridge wrote in looking for advice with the Cramming & Denting scarf she designed using our Eco Jeans yarns. She had made many variations of this pattern with great success but this time her selvedge threads kept breaking on one side. Lisann felt that this particular colour felt different than the others…a little softer perhaps, the spin wasn’t quite the same.

Lisann kindly sent us a photo of her beautiful scarf on the loom with the broken selvedge threads.

Jane replied below:

At this point, it is selvedgeable …. haha!

Occasionally you get a batch of yarn that’s not quite the same as others and if it’s on the selvedge…which takes so much more wear and tear than any other place in your warp….it will break.

You could first try to limit the draw-in on that side by leaving a higher angle in the weft before you beat, that can definitely help with selvedge breakage but, if it doesn’t, you might need to size your warp threads.

I take 1 tbsp of all-purpose flour and make a paste by adding water until it’s like runny glue. Then, I size the warp threads on the selvedge. I just use my fingers…wet your fingers and run them along the warp threads on either side of the castle. You can let it dry for a few minutes and then every time you advance your warp you will do that. As soon as you add it, the yarn gets stronger. Once the scarf comes off the loom and you wet finish, it all disappears and you’d never know it was there.

I had to do this on an Alpaca warp not long ago….it was just one colour. In India, they soak rice in water and do the same thing. 🙂


Thank you! I knew you’d know what to do. And yes, I feel much more hopeful – I have pasted and sized and all seems to be holding together so far. And I had a lovely memory of what my hands felt like after making play doh with my kids years ago…. 🙂

Jane was happy that Lisann was able to work it out:
Yay flour and water!
So hi tech!

Lisann sent us a photo and the best quote:

Just off the loom with nary a broken thread after sizing. Thank you so much for your help! I see so many life lessons in my weaving practice, and I think this one is:  When the stresses of life threaten to pull us apart, a few carbs can help us keep it all together. 😉

Lisann’s finished stunning scarf!

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