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October 4, 2022 newsletter

New JST Kit!

Squares & Rectangles Tea Towels

This pattern comes to you from the loom of Janet Cameron of Salt Spring Island. I have known Janet for years, and her weaving is stunning. She is also Elizabeth’s Mom (Elizabeth is our indispensable JST Office Manager).

I first met Janet Cameron at a conference in Edmonton in 1999 when Janet took the Colour and Design workshop.

Janet beside Jane, Edmonton 1999

When she went home she designed a draft with what she had recently learned and put on a beautiful warp for the new draft she had created. Elizabeth, who was around 8, wove the last part of the warp off.

Elizabeth’s weaving age 8

Fast forward 19 years, Grant and I were going through the cash at our grocery store with a huge order, and the teller asked us what we were doing with all the food. Grant said, “my wife runs weaving retreats,”  the teller responded, “is your wife Jane Stafford?” The teller was Elizabeth and the next time Grant was in there he slipped her my phone number and offered her a job. Janet moved to Salt Spring to be closer to her granddaughter Olivia and Olivia’s Mom and Dad too 😉 It’s a small world and a pretty wondrous one too 🙂 

Elizabeth age 8

We thought it would be fun to put an example of Janet’s weaving into a kit for you. I love the hand and drape of these towels, they are very absorbent, soft and pliable – like a good kitchen towel should be. You’ll have a lot of fun playing with the Turned Twill treadling options and the graphic while you weave these towels.


In case you haven’t ‘met’ Elizabeth in person, we thought we’d share a photo of her today at our studio.
Jane and Elizabeth today

Squares and Rectangles Tea Towel Kit

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave Structure: Turned Twill
Yarn: 8/2 cotton & Bouclé cotton
Each kit makes 12 towels

Loom Requirements:
8 shafts
8 dent reed
22 3/4″ weaving width

A Few More Turned Twill Favourites

Can’t get enough of Turned Twill? Why not stock up on a couple of the kits below – like the 8 Shaft Turned Twill Garibaldi Flats kit – OR – Tea Towel Time with Jane either in English Garden Version or the original design. Both of the Tea Towel Time with Jane kits can also be woven on 4 shafts. The first 10 towels were woven in plain weave and 2/2 twill but I changed the tie-up for the last 2 towels. For you Turned Twill lovers, you could weave them all using the turned twill tie-ups provided. Just think of the pile of tea towels you could have in your gift stash for the busiest time of the year racing towards us 😉

Tea Towel Time with Jane – English Garden

Tea Towel Time with Jane – Original Design

Garibaldi Flats – 8 Shaft Version

Want to learn how to weave Turned Twill?

Our School of Weaving has you covered!
This kit has all you need to follow along with our Season 5 Episode 1 lesson.
Check out the videos right here!

Season 6 Episode 2 lesson on 8 Shaft Twill Block and Tie-up Quadrants Kit is also available!

School of Weaving
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