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October 17, 2023 newsletter

Scarf Season is here!

Do you need an excuse to pamper yourself with a nice, cozy scarf? Well, how about…now that Fall has arrived, I need a tad of warmth around my neck. Or…I’ve always wanted to weave a scarf in Zephyr (wool/silk blend). Or…this pattern weaves 2 so I’ll have one left over to give as a gift 😉 Fill in the blank ______ and make up your justification 😉

Linda’s Scarves Kits

An all-time favourite kit at JST is Linda’s Turned Twill scarf. Linda fell in love with a scarf she had seen at Jane’s Studio. Soooo – she mentally noted the basics and went home to design her own take on it. Linda’s scarf is available in either a 4-shaft or 8-shaft kit.

Linda’s Scarf Kit using 4 shafts

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Weave structure: 2/2 Twill for 4 shafts
Material: Bambu 12 in Black & Sweet Corn
& Zephyr 50% silk/50% wool in Ebony and Pewter
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Loom requirements:
4-shafts, 8 or 12 dent reed, weaving width: 9 ¼

Linda’s Scarf Kit using 8 shafts

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: 2 block Turned Twill
Material: Bambu 12 in Black & Sweet Corn
& Zephyr 50% silk/50% wool in Steel and Suede
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Loom requirements:
8-shaft, 8-dent reed, weaving width: 9 ¼”

Michelle’s Scarf

Michelle designed this warm, cosy and delightful Turned Twill scarf after taking Jane’s Units, Blocks and Profiles workshop many years ago. This kit has also been a long-time favourite on the JST Online Shop. The colours and yarn Michelle chose to design her scarf will give you an elegant and cozy scarf to wear this winter.

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: 2 Block Turned Twill
Material: Zephyr Wool/Silk Blend in Marine Blue,
Royal and Iris
Each kit makes: 2 scarves
Finished Dimensions: 8.5″ X 65″ plus fringe

Loom requirements:
8 shafts, 8 or 12 dent reed
Weaving width: 10″

Huck Colour and Weave Scarves

Huck is such a pretty and versatile threading. We can move from creating the distinctive Huck “circles” that appear when weft floats alternate with Plain Weave to the full Huck Lace effect by alternating warp and weft floats throughout. Huck always pleases. These beautiful scarves were woven by Barbara Mitchell, one of our Dream Team members. In her words: ‘I dreamt of bringing this traditional weave forward into my wardrobe, in an updated way.’

Huck Lace Colour and Weave kits Winter Sunset and Dusty Roses weave 2 scarves each using our delightful Zephyr yarn.

Winter Sunset

Dusty Roses

Discontinuing Popsicle Bouclé Kit

Our Popsicle Bouclé Towel Kit was a limited edition variation for summer. Summer has now come to a close and we are looking to make room for more cozy scarves on our shelves. Once these kits are gone – they are really gone 😉 Get yours while they are still in stock!

From Our Inbox

It’s always a delight to receive a message from across the Pacific Ocean, so we were thrilled to hear from Karyn David who lives and weaves in a rural area of New Zealand. Kudos to her for learning to weave through the School of Weaving. She is now weaving on her newish Louet David lll. Your email made our day/week Karyn! Scroll down to see what Karyn has been weaving……

Hi Jane and team,

I’ve been a member of the online guild for a few years now. Most of what I know about weaving has come from Jane! This is such a wonderful resource – I live in a rural area of New Zealand with no weavers nearby, so being able to have a teacher in my studio with me whenever I want her is amazing!

When I wanted to “upgrade” my weaving loom from a 4 shaft table loom, I used the information in Jane’s videos to help me select my new loom. I settled on an 8-shaft Louet David III – which I love! There wasn’t one nearby for me to go and try, I simply trusted the information in the videos and placed the order. I’m so glad that I did! I’ve been weaving on it now for just over one year and have no regrets.

I have also enjoyed the weaving classes. I haven’t woven anything from the current season, and I don’t use Jane’s yarns (shipping from Canada to New Zealand makes this unrealistic). But, I have used similar yarns for projects where possible. I’m currently working with various silk yarns – 20/2 mulberry silk, hand-reeled mulberry silk, 60/2 eri silk, 60/2 muga silk and handspun tussah silk and am loving the colours and textures.

Thanks for your help Jane,
Karyn Davis

60/2 eri silk warp (indigo dyed) and predominantly 60/2 eri silk weft; on the left side there is a section of handspun tussah silk (has coffee coloured, elongated diamonds), hand reeled mulberry silk (has white, very square diamonds) and 60/2 muga silk (coffee coloured diamonds).

20/2 mulberry silk warp and weft – scarf

10/2 mercerised cotton warp and weft – huck lace baby blanket – I didn’t realise that the pattern was missing a section at the right hand end until it was hung at an exhibition!!

20/2 mulberry silk warp and weft – 8 shaft Turned Twill scarf

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on

Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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