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October 11, 2022 newsletter

New Colours in Eco Jeans Yarn

We’re excited to let you know that our Eco Jeans line has expanded with two wonderful new colours that can’t wait to play with the fabulous colours that we already have in stock. These yarns are kind to the environment – having been made out of recycled jeans – and are also cozy to have next to your skin as the weather changes. The added bonus is that they are affordable! Just think of the scarves you could create using one (or both) of these new colours that you could include in a design of your own. Then, if you could part with a scarf, it could become a gift for someone special, later this year 😉 Just imagine the hand this yarn will give you – it’s super soft, slightly thicker than 8/2 cotton and has a bit of texture.


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This fabulous yarn is made out of recycled jeans, jeans clothing and uses PET plastic bottles. Old clothes are given a second chance thanks to this unique production process. Denim fabric is made very small, but no thread can be spun from this loose fibre. A thread can be spun by adding used, finely chopped PET bottles to the loose jeans fibre. This results in a sturdy linen-like thread with a soft structure. So much fun to work with, along with the added bonus of being kind to the planet while you are weaving! Originally available in “real” jeans colours, but is now available in 7 colours – Deep Red, Deep Navy, Slate Blue, Cloud, Sandalwood, Anthracite and Platinum.

Eco Jeans Scarf Kit Back In Stock!

Our original Eco Jeans Scarf Kit is back in stock! This fabulous scarf kit flew off the shelves when we first had it in our newsletter. Now is the time to order one so you have it handy when you get a chance to weave this beauty.

From Our Inbox

We’ve received an inspiring email from Kim Daniel of Kirkland, WA. Never let it be said that you can’t accomplish a lot on a table loom – we were blown away by what Kim has been busy creating on her loom, in just a little over 2 years! Scroll down to see what Kim has been making as bridal shower gifts – such a great idea as well as being the colour inspiration for the napkins.

I started weaving in Feb 2020 after being inspired by a day spent with a weaving community in Peru a few years ago. When my class got canceled partway through, I looked online for resources and found JST. Wow, did I ever learn a lot! Thank you Covid!

My favorite combination is an 8/2 warp with a boucle weft. I think it makes lovely soft tea towels. I’ve recently been making napkin sets – pair them up with a set of melamine dishes or a platter and they make wonderful bridal shower gifts!

I work on a 4-shaft table loom on a stand. I’ve added treadles so I can use my feet instead of the levers. It goes much faster and it feels like a ‘big person’ floor loom, lol.

Friends and family are thrilled with my new passion and I appreciate having so many people to ‘gift’ my creations to.


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