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November 15 2022, newsletter

Look what we have to make 2023 brighter in your world!

We are so excited to share our latest project with you! It has been so much fun working with Sophia on our photography for the past year. Many of her images were crying out to become something new…and so the idea of the calendar was born. 12 gorgeous images pairing the beauty of our natural world with the beauty of yarns that bring our weaving to reality.  


We have placemats and towels for you to weave to help give your home a festive air with the big holiday about to arrive for our neighbours to the south. The rest of us have a bit more time to weave special items for decorating our homes or have them ready as gifts for the other holidays and events we will be celebrating before the end of this year!

Twill and Grace Placemats

Christmas Crackle Placemat & Runner

Huck Lace Cotton Tea Towel Kit – Falling Leaves

Bouclé Tea Towel Kit – Country Renaissance Kit

Some Festive Inspiration!

Here is a photo of a festive version of Season 6’s Monk’s Belt placemats woven by Saskatchewan’s Susanna Miller. (School of Weaving – Season 6 Episode 3) Susanna created a version that would brighten anyone’s Christmas table, along with the addition of her cheery coordinating napkins. With this as inspiration – It’s a great time to catch up on our Monk’s Belt lesson and interpret your own cheerful design!

From Our Inbox

Brigitte Schweitzer sent in this photo for us to see and we thought we’d share it with you. Jane was delighted to see a beautiful example of Turned Twill hanging in Brigitte’s garden.

School of Weaving

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2 thoughts on “November 15 2022, newsletter

  1. I was so happy to see your beautiful and inspiring calendar! A dear photographer friend used to send me a yearly calendar with her nature photos. Sadly, she passed away this year. I miss her dreadfully.
    The idea of shopping for a new calendar was intimidating, full of memories. Your newsletter arrived at just the right time for me to find a meaningful replacement.

    For your US weavers who may be interested, the total came to $37.85 with shipping.
    Love you all, Jane and team. Looking forward to Season 7. Happy Holidays!

    1. Update- received a refund of 6.27 US for the shipping

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