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November 1, 2022 newsletter

Scarves to keep you and your loved ones warm!

Fall has arrived in full force on the “wet” coast, bringing the rain we have all been wishing for after months of very little. We’re back to saying, “If you can see the mountains – it’s going to rain! If you can’t see the mountains – it’s raining!” Along with the rain come cooler, damp weather and the need to wear something warm. This newsletter we thought was a good chance to feature some fabulous, warm scarves to have ready to wear or give this winter. Our Melting Ice Scarf is woven with luscious merino and silk. Both Linda’s 4 Shaft 2/2 Twill scarf and her 8 Shaft Turned Twill scarf are woven with Zephyr and Bambu and are both so beautiful and warm. Kiki’s scarf is also woven with Bambu for warp and weft and is designed in warm, winter colours. And, last but certainly not least, is Michelle’s wonderfully elegant scarf woven in Zephyr in both warp and weft.

With so many different scarves to choose from – we hope you can find the perfect one for you this winter! Keep warm and dry …….

Melting Ice Scarf Kit

Linda’s Scarf in 4 Shaft Kit

Linda’s Scarf in 8 Shaft Kit

Kiki’s Scarf Kit

Michelle’s Scarf Kit

From Our Inbox

Jadie from California has sent us photos of these striking towels that she designed after being inspired by what she had learned in Season 4 Episode 7 – Twill & Basket Weave go on a Date. We love seeing what you have learned from the School of Weaving and how you’ve created something uniquely yours with that knowledge.

I’m really enjoying Season 4. I was inspired by it to make a set of towels using alternating stripes of twill and basket weave based on the colors of the Ukrainian flag. While I was weaving I wasn’t sure how I felt about them, but once I washed them the flowery patterns bloomed, so I called them “Flowers for Ukraine”. Thanks so much for the classes.

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