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May 17, 2022 newsletter

Late Spring Weaving

Whole Lotta Huggin’ Blanket Kit


Out here on the “wet” west coast of Canada – we’ve had a spring that hasn’t fully arrived yet! It’s so damp and chilly today that I would love to grab one of these cozy blankets and curl up with a book 😉 Sharon Broadley designed these beautiful blankets for 3 dear friends that needed a good hug. Each kit makes 3 blankets and is a very quick weave – sett at 8 epi and 44″ in the reed. Quebecoise 2 ply is similar to Harrisville Shetland and fulls beautifully!

SweDISH Tea Towel Kit


On this unusually damp and cool day on our coast, when all I really want to do is to get out into the garden and start planting … I need to get my fix of sun and warmth in a different way. These tea towels always remind me of blue skies and warm sun shining down. Stunning towels and so much fun to weave, a blend of Swedish and Huck Lace!

From Our Inbox

Sheila Holland sent a note with pictures of her baby blanket. She wove it in Log Cabin using 8/4 cotton in White and 3/2 mercerized cotton in King Blue and Pistachio. We are so pleased that, from watching the School of Weaving episode on Log Cabin, Sheila was inspired to create and design an absolutely beautiful baby blanket.
Jane, before the pandemic started I was taking a class once a week in Toronto to learn how to weave. When the classes stopped and I relocated to the lake house for the duration of the pandemic, I found myself referring to your tutorials time and again. I’ve kept weaving and learning, making several wool throws and two of your lovely scarf kits.  

This March I decided to weave a baby blanket for my first grandnephew but was struggling with an idea for a pattern until I came across your log cabin tutorial. I ran with it and am very happy with the result! I’ve included two photos.  

I purchased a couple of tea towel kits from you a while ago and I’m currently going through your Swedish Lace tutorials before I start the first set. I hope they turn out as well as my baby blanket.  

While the classes in Toronto have resumed, I’m still at the lake house, so your online guild is the only teaching to which I have access. Thanks for all of it!

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