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May 16, 2023 newsletter

New Bambu 12 Colours

Hooray, we found more shelf space when we recently did a spring cleaning of the Studio! Now, we’ll be using that space to bring you new choices in your weaving life! This week we’ve added some new colours that are perfect to include in a summer scarf or wrap.

Watch this space as we add new yarns and colour options that you will soon be able to add to your own stash.

Limited Supply

Limited-time offer on Mandarin!

Our Bambu 12

available in 100 g cones with 1,386 yds/cone (6,300 yds/lb)

The raw material for these yarns is derived exclusively from the pulp of bamboo trees grown under sustainable agricultural practices. Because the base is consistently lighter than that of pulp taken from typical trees harvested for common rayon, the production of our Bambu yarn is subjected to less chemical treatment than usually applied to the production of common rayon. We recommend twisting your fringes before washing.

plain weave: 24 epi for a very fine, gossamer fabric
Twill (3/1: Turned Twill): 30 epi for a stunning fabric

We’ve been testing a new yarn!

At JST we are always looking for the best yarns for our weavers and we fell in love with these samples of 16/2 Baby Alpaca. In the very near future, we’ll be filling our shelves with a range of beautiful yummy colours. In the meantime, we have these two colours in stock. Only 10 cones are available in both Cloud and Kentucky.

16/2 Peruvian Baby Alpaca put up in 100 g cones – 984 yds/cone, 4457 yds/ lb.

plain weave: 16 epi & ppi
Twill: 18 epi & ppi

And we’re back at it!

Our new dye studio is up and running! Sharon has been getting our first batches ready for the dye pots. Don’t forget to sign up for the back-in-stock notifications on your favourite silk colours. That way we’ll know what colours need to jump to the front of the line 😉 

JST Hand-Dyed Silks

In Case You Missed It

Handwoven Magazine May/June Cover

Barbara Mitchell is a very talented weaver we have been working with at JST for a number of years. This month we were thrilled to see her Colour and Weave scarf – Shadow Boxing – on the cover of the newest issue of Handwoven Magazine that is on its way to subscribers’ mailboxes. If you love this scarf and want to weave it – the Shadow Boxing draft is in the magazine and the colours of Bambu 12 yarn that Barbara wove with are … Truffles, Pearl, Emperor, Aruba, Borage, Lime Grass, Cerise, and Cyclamen (or Raspberry).

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Here to help

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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