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March 12, 2024 newsletter

A Few Staff’s Favourite Kits

What happens when you ask your staff, as we did, what their favourite kits were. Well – for people that are constantly surrounded by the kits and the possibilities – it’s a difficult question to answer! So, “here are a few of our favourite things” and be thankful we’re not pretending to be Julie Andrews and 🎶 singing this newsletter to you 🎶

Delphinium Bouclé Tea Towel Kit

As a beginner weaver, “office” Sharon loved how quickly these towels wove up! This kit can also be a jumping-off point giving you the option to create your design based on Jane’s ideas in the draft. Sharon has given most of the towels away to friends and family.

“It’s so heartwarming to see one of my handmade towels displayed as a table runner, or an ornamental side table placemat. I am told they are too pretty to use as tea towels! ❤️”

Twill & Grace Placemats

Twill & Grace Placemats are Elizabeth’s favourite because they can easily be woven in so many different colours. A fun trick is to make the warp twice as long and then swap out the coloured selvedge threads after the first set, then weave a completely different colour for the second set.

“I have fond memories of my daughter helping me finish these placemats.”

Ruckle Beach Wrap

Sandra has woven this kit a couple of times – and every time she wears it, another member of her family starts craving one of their own! She has woven them choosing the favourite colour of the recipients.  

“A third wrap project is heading to the loom soon for two family members who have moved across the country and can use an extra hug from me in the form of a wrap ;-)”

Tuscan Twill Towel Kit

This kit is definitely a ‘staff favourite’! These eye-catching towels were designed by Susan Brown…Jane’s first (and longest) employee. JST’s “second” Sharon…Jane’s newest employee, who also doubles as JST’s new silk dyer and is a new weaver – wove the samples! If “new weaver” Sharon could weave them – so can you!

From Our Inbox

The following just popped into our Inbox from Chris in Delaware, USA and we loved seeing our Monk’s Belt placemats woven in a bright, cheery colourway that would be perfect anywhere – especially near a beach. Thank you for sharing, Chris. 

Jane and gang,

I love your newsletters! I have been a part of School of Weaving for so many years now, and am an enthusiastic student! Always willing to learn more. Thanks for this email suggesting color changes. Attached is a photo of a color change that I did to the Season 7 Episode 3 – Monks Belt with Color and Weave. I live at the beach in Delaware and needed a little bit more “pop” than what was in the lesson. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

You guys are a huge part of my weaving life. Thanks for all you do!!!


School of Weaving Subscribers

Our Monk’s Belt episode in Season 7 – Episode 3 took what we learned in Season 6, challenged what we had woven and started to ask “what if”… What would happen if we overlayed Colour & Weave sequences on Monk’s Belt? How can we challenge our ideas around Monk’s Belt treadling and balance? How can we weave super thick placemats with only 2 shuttles or…how we can weave lovely drape into scarves on the same warp, without changing the sett? Check out how we did it all by clicking on the Monk’s Belt episode button below.

Want to weave the Monk’s Belt Kit?

These kits are in stock! Each kit includes weaving instructions (including draft) and 1 cone each of 8/2 cotton in Ivory and Dark Brown and 1 cone each of 8/4 cotton in Ivory and Dark Brown.

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