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July 19, 2022 newsletter

Season 4 Kits!

Twills on 4!

As we discovered in Season 4 – Twills are one of the most magical weave structures that give us the base for sooooo much creativity. Even if you have woven these before, we thought you might enjoy revisiting some of these kits, now that you have a bit more weaving under your belt. If you haven’t woven the samples – well, try one or more and see if you get as “hooked” on Twill, as I am 😉 – as you explore what YOU can create with these warps, threadings and treadlings. Take a structure and make it yours. Just imagine the wonderful fabric you could create – with all that Twill knowledge under your belt.

Introduction to Simple Two Stripe Twill

Here’s your chance to overlay many of our Colour & Design principles onto 2/2 Twill, 3/1-1/3 Twill and Basket Weave. You can use this kit as a blank canvas to create samples, a narrow scarf, OR you could open up your sett to 12, grab some Bouclé yarn from your stash and weave yourself a wonderful bunch of tea towels.

This Simple Two Stripe Twill Kit includes 4 cones of 8/2 cotton (2 each in Natural and Charcoal) including the pattern to use as your starting point for exploring Twill. 

Small Threadings Twill Gamp

This kit uses 8/4 cotton and gives you so many options! With the 6 yard warp you would put on your loom you can weave the samples described in the included pattern or ….. you could play with the sett. Sett at 12 epi – you could weave a great blankie, 15 epi gives a firmer sample, 16 epi would give you a nice, firm placemat 😉 Just have fun with these Twill variations and combinations!

This Small Threadings Gamp Kit comes with 5 cones of 8/4 cotton – 2 Black, 2 Bleached and 1 Cherry as well as the pattern draft.

Point Twill Gamp

The perfect kit to explore Point Twill gamps or…. with the width and length of this warp – you can weave a bunch of baby blankets playing with Point Twill all the way! You will need to thread this warp to 34″ in the reed to end up with a BBB – (Beautiful Baby Blankie) 😏 You can play with Colour and Weave, Basket Weave, and use Fibonacci to help you create treadling sequences. So much fun!

The Point Twill Gamp Kit includes 7 cones of 8/4 cotton, 3 cones Nile, 1 cone Plum and 3 cones of whatever weft you have chosen, as well as the pattern to get you on the loom and weaving.

Large Threadings Twill Gamp

When Twill threadings are repeated, they create stunning results. You will have a 6 yard warp to play with that will be 17″ in your reed. You can use those shapes to overlay your cloth with other threading concepts…. it really is simple once you break it all down and then build it up again. Just imagine the unique placemats you could create! So much fun. So many possibilities.

The Large Threading Gamp Kit includes 5 cones of 8/4 cotton, 2 cones Black, 2 cones Bleached, and 1 cone Cherry, as well as the pattern draft.

Shadow Weave Meets Twill

You’ll have a wee chance to play with Atwater Shadow Weave applied to 4 harness Twill shapes in this kit. Your warp is 6 yards and the width in your reed is 17″ so you’ll have a large enough canvas to create your own unique scarf, or …..

The Shadow Weave Meets Twill Kit includes 6 cones of 8/2 cotton: 2 cones Black and 1 each Fuchsia, Pale Orange, Apricot and Peacock plus your pattern draft.  If you have some 8/2 cotton in your stash – or some 20/2 silk for a bit of additional softness – you are well on your way to weaving something special.

From Our Inbox!

We thought you would enjoy seeing the fabulous tea towels that Berly (Kimberley) has been creating with fresh insight from what she’s learned on the School of Weaving …..

I picked up weaving about 5 years ago and found JST during the beginning of the pandemic. Before that, I’d learned to weave and purchased my own loom from the Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild in Atlanta. There are a few things I picked up from the JST classes that I think have made all the difference for me. The first one is that you should beat on an open shed. I gave it a try, what a difference it made to my selvedges (seriously!!). The second is when I tried out the color and weave – hot pink – kit. It really opened my eyes when it comes to color, and color in the warp. I’ve now turned my weaving into a side hustle with really fun, and colorful boucle tea towels. 

Below are photos of a few towels I’ve made since then. 

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