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JST Online Guild Weaving Lessons

Twills on 4 is coming your way in 2020

For the past few months we have been busy working on the program for 2020.  Twills on 4……Oh My, Oh My, Oh My……it is so exciting. In January of 2020 we start diving into the world of twill structure and will overlay it with everything we learned in Colour & Design and Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave. This strong foundation will allow us to take 4 shaft Twills to a new level.

We start the year off learning to draft on graph paper and then we weave a sample exploring our 3 standard twill tie-ups and bring all the repetitive sequences we learned in Colour and Design to Twills (yes, Asymmetry, Plaid, Parrot and Colour and Weave Sequences start playing on Twills).

Episode 2 is very special because we have Bob Keates co-creator of Fiberworks PCW presenting his programme for Mac and PC. 

In addition to building on our Colour & Design gamps, this year includes 4 amazing twill gamps: one using small threadings, one using big threadings, one exploring point twill and an awesome colour and weave gamp on twill that will blow your mind. Each of these gamps explores tie-up possibilities, treadling techniques and colour and weave ideas in the weft.

We also delve into the power and beauty of Basket Weave. One entire episode explores Basket Weave as a vertical design element with other twill threadings. This allows us to frame our twills or just have 2 different structures vertically in our cloth… many ideas. Twill and Basket Weave are a fabulous combo, they are like an awesome bottle of wine and a great chunk of cheese. Yep, everything still revolves around food 🙂

Towards the end of the year we will apply the rules of Shadow Weave to all the twill threadings we’ve learned and then we’ll do the same with Weft Faced Twills.  

Weaving is all about systems and this year we’ll be looking at twill as a system. It is very liberating to look at it this way….to learn that we can use all this theory to create new, stunning, modern renditions of old classics. The twill family is a big happy family and they all like to party together. 

If you haven’t guessed it by now….I LOVE WEAVING…..and I LOVE SHARING IT ALL WITH YOU!

Come for the ride….we’re going to have a blast.

Twills on 4!

To learn more about the JST Online Guild click here

12 thoughts on “JST Online Guild Weaving Lessons

  1. Cheers all! Not sure if my online guild subscription is an auto renewal, don’t want to miss anything, let me know an Ull re register,

    1. Hi Edith. It looks like your membership is set to auto renew on January 8, 2020. You shouldn’t miss a beat!

  2. Hello All,

    I joined the Online Guild recently and have been exploring the lessons. Here are my questions:
    — Many guilds have an organizing format, such as meetings, viewing, shared recognition of innovation or excellence . Does all of this happen online?
    — I understand one arrives at a self-evaluation of finished products, but also believe in learning through shared assessment. Does the Online Guild offer a mechanism for physically sharing and commenting on work?
    Thanks, Sara White

    1. Hi Sara – welcome to our Online Guild! In my experience, Guilds can be as different as the people that belong to them. Some are quite casual, more like gatherings and sharing amongst like-minded people. Others can be very organized, with meetings being kept to a tight schedule. All have one thing in common – the opportunity to share and discuss our weaving journey with others who understand what we are talking about 😉

      The JST Online Guild has members all over the world, living in different time zones but still weaving the same path we are travelling. What we do have is our online Forum which provides an opportunity for us to share photos of what we are weaving, ask for help when we run into a problem and learn from others – no matter where they are in the world, as we grow our skills in our chosen craft. Please, pop into the Forum, introduce yourself, post photos of your work, ask your questions and share your knowledge with others. We look forward to “seeing” you there.

  3. Hi Jane
    Can you give us the dates the Season 4 episodes will be appearing please? I am so looking forward to another exciting year of weaving with you.

    1. Hi Judy – if you click on the word “here” under Jane’s video, you will be directed to the Online Guild introduction page. Scroll down to find the list of dates and subjects for our exploration of Twills this year.

  4. I joined the JST Online Guild in 2019 after it was recommended by a workshop instructor (Susan Frick in Texas) from whom I took a basic weaving bootcamp. I love this learning medium! I binge watched all of the Season 1 episodes and capped off the experience with my own weaving challenge: full loom width (36″), Jaeger Zephyr (wool/silk) warp @ 10 epi with ROWAN kidsilk haze (Mohair/silk) weft. I worked to achieve balanced weave using up some of my stash and the Fibonacci design guidelines. Although not perfect, I achieved a balanced, soft shawl after following Jane’s Mohair Blankie wet finishing example. I am so glad to be here and am looking forward to learning more in Season 2 and 3 and 4!

    Is there a way I can post pictures to share with the guild?

    1. Hi Katherine, yes you can! You can post pictures on the JST Forum. Here’s the link:
      Excited to see your project!

  5. Hi,
    I can’t create an account. How/where does the promo code come from?

    1. You go to and you sign up and automatically get the 7 day free trial. Hope this helps.

  6. I had to stop weaving for a period time as I had shoulder surgery in 2022 and have not been able to weave, also had a knee replacement. I have your kits from the on line guild. I have kept my membership up but now I can’t find online lessons for Warp Faced Weaving, On Line Guild Sample Season 3 Episode 5. I have kits for Episode 3 and on to 5. Can you help me get on line. I have paid for my membership every year.

    1. Hi Julie,
      Here is the link to Season 3 Episode 5
      Glad you are back on the mend and weaving!

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