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January 31, 2023 newsletter

Sweetheart Bronson Lace

When I was creating the content for Block Analysis that we learned in S6E9 of the School of Weaving, I had leftover warp and thought I’d play a bit more. Hearts popped off my graph paper and into the cloth.

So – just in time for Valentine’s Day – you can wear your “heart” around your neck even though you can’t wear your ❤️ on your sleeve. This fabulous scarf is fun to weave in 8-shaft Bronson Lace, which is the perfect canvas for creating these wonderful graphics. 


Season 6 Episode 9 Block Analysis

Back in the day – I was addicted to playing with Bronson Lace and testing my limits to see what I could create with it. When I was designing the Block Analysis episode for Season 6 Episode 9 – I found myself sliding into the hole again 😉 That’s when the Sweetheart Bronson Lace scarf was born and I knew you would love it. If you want to learn about the magic of playing with Block Analysis – now is the time. Winter days are still with us and you can brighten yours by getting the kit from Season 6 Episode 9 and putting on a warp for you to weave this fabulous scarf and still have lots of room left over to play with other designs you would like to explore.

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: 8 Shaft Bronson Lace
Material: 8/2 cotton & 20/2 Tussah Silk
Each kit makes: 3 Scarves

Loom requirements


Reed: 8 dent

Weaving width: 18″

Jane will be on Handweavers Guild of America’s

Textiles & Tea – February 7th at 4:00 PM (ET)

We are excited to share the news that on February 7, 2023, our very own Jane Stafford will be doing a live interview on the Handweavers Guild of America’s Textile & Tea weekly conversation.

Tuesday, February 7th at 4:00 PM (ET) and is sponsored by our very own Sharon Broadley @Colour.Woven!

These conversations are with some of the most respected fibre artists in the field today. In their 45-minute discussion, the focus is on their artwork and their creative journey. They allow 15 minutes at the end of the conversation for questions from the audience.

The episode is broadcast via Zoom and Facebook Live. These broadcasts are free to view and open to all.

All episodes of Textiles & Tea are recorded and are available to be watched on HGA’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. For more information on previous episodes, click the link below.

From Our Inbox

This terrific example of what can happen when you use a photo for colour inspiration and then play with the graphic using Asymmetry. PK’s latest creation just flew out of our inbox grabbing our attention. It also speaks volumes about the many tools we have available to us to use when creating our own unique cloth. PK also added a “skill” layer to her scarf by dyeing the yarn she used to weave it. Well done, PK!
Hi, me again!

I thought you would like to see how I used what I learned in Asymmetry, plus a tad of influence from your colour inspiration guide.

Waiting for my shipment of your kit yarns (since arrived – yay!) I decided to make a merino scarf/shawl using the Asymmetry ideas. This morning of the decision I received a photo from my daughter of flowers she just bought herself. Perfect timing for a colour influence.

This 4 ply 100% NZ merino hand dyed by myself. The base colour is soft pink, lichen green is the zinger, the rest is cocoa brown, mist grey and off white.

Thanks for the fun! PK

Asymmetry Episode

If you’ve ever wondered whether a simple design element like Asymmetry could become magical … just glance up at From Our Inbox above and you will get an idea of the possibilities! If you haven’t watched the School of Weaving Asymmetry episode yet, now might be the time to get inspired and create something uniquely yours, as PK has done. Forget all the “ifs” and just have fun creating your own design based on Asymmetry!

JST 2023 Calendar!

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Here to help

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