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In Celebration of Weavers’ Work

Workshop Updates

Registration for 2015 retreats has been very brisk. We do have a few spots left, so if you are thinking about it you may want to check out the schedule page.

In the last newsletter, there was an error in the link to Charllotte Kwon’s Natural Dye Workshop next July. We are happy to announce that there are many spots available. Don’t miss this opportunity to study with one of the world’s natural dye experts.

Do you know that JST has created a Hot Line of 32 hand-dyed colours on 8 different yarns?


The colour way we created was designed to provide gentle movement around the colour wheel, exploring the richness of each hue. The yarns can be used by knitters or weavers and we are happy to inspire you with a few projects.

These simple elegant fingerless gloves are knit with our 3-ply Alpaca in Salt Spring Sky. One skein makes one pair. The pattern is from The Knitting Experience: Book 2 The Purl Stitch by Sally Melville.


Mary Pendergast of Seattle knit this sweet little cap in Cuddles, our Alpaca wool blend. This yarn is so aptly named it couldn’t be softer. The colour is chocolate cherry. Order a skein of Cuddles and we’ll throw in the pattern.



Heavenly Hand-Dyed Roving

Cheryl Huseby is the co-creator and dyer of JST’s Hot Line of Hand-Dyed Yarns. In her spare time, she produces a line of sprinkle-dyed rovings, which she calls “Essence”. The fibre is an exquisite blend of 80% Blue-Faced Leicester and 20% Silk and is available in 1/2 pound bags for $48. Here is a link for your shopping convenience.


In Celebration of Weavers’s Work

Our students and customers are constantly sharing their wonderful creations with us and we thought we would pass on the inspiration.
Arlene Kohut and Kathy Ready of Victoria dropped in this summer and brought along some of their wonderful work.

Arlene’s towel was woven in linen and had a classic antique feel to it. Her borders were beautiful and the brown and blue blended so nicely.

Kathy’s towels were like sunshine hanging on the line! Kathy used the same colours in both warps. This method of sharing colours between projects allows for the creation of collections with colour being the common theme.


Sharon Broadley created this award-winning throw in 4/8 cotton and plain weave log cabin. She took away best in show from the Saanich Fall Fair.



In the previous newsletter, I spoke about pairing 2/8 organic cotton with 2/20 silk. Ginnette Bourdages of Langley took the message to heart, and created this stunning scarf sett at 18 epi and woven and 18 ppi in twill. I know you may think that it is too open, but you cannot deny the result. The hand and drape are exquisite. Ginnette used 2/8 Organic Cotton Coal with 2/20 Grantius Green Silk.


Michelle Moore of Vancouver wove this wonderful shetland wool blankie for her mother, who loves everything she weaves. The colours worked very well together. She used Iris, Tundra, Midnight Blue and Cream in Harrisville Shetland sett at 10 epi and 10 ppi.

I want to thank these weavers for sending me pictures of their work. All of these pieces were their own original designs. Bravo! Well Done!

Don’t forget that we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200.

Group Discounts

If you buy $500 or more of yarn we’ll pay for your shipping costs and take off 10%. So why not band together with all your guild members or weaver friends and do group orders. You’ll save, save, save.

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