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February 13, 2024 newsletter

Chocolate Box

Shameless, Chocolate Cherry & Violet Ice in our 30/2 Bombyx silk

Doesn’t February make you think of Valentine’s Day? Are you craving chocolates but still sticking to your New Year’s resolution? We have a calorie-free treat for you that you can wrap yourself in as you think of chocolate 😉 We think that you will find that our low-cal Chocolate Box colourway can brighten your day, and give you a sugar-free way to dream about creating a Valentine’s scarf.

Of course, we are talking about our February Colourway of JST’s fabulous silks. We’ll bet you will never look at these silks together without thinking of this colourway as a box full of Shameless, Chocolate Cherries wrapped in a Violet Ice ribbon!

New Kit Tulips

Can’t get enough of pinks and red around Valentine’s Day? This new version of our Cotton Boucle tea towels has got you covered! We’ve created a towel that will make you smile as you weave a bright spot for your kitchen. This kit weaves 8 towels – you’ll have lots to share with friends and family as a bright pink “hug” to hang in their kitchens.

From Our Inbox

We have the perfect project to share with you all for Valentine’s Day! Lorraine Whale from Blaine, Washington sent us a wonderful report on the shawls she had woven for the brides in her life. Our Elizabeth was happy to chat and help Lorraine choose the yarn for her youngest daughter’s wedding shawl as well as another wedding shawl for her good friend’s daughter.
Woven with Love: Shawls and the Enchantment of Weddings
Ah, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I have a love story to tell. So, last week I was sitting with my husband, pouring my heart out about how much joy weaving shawls for my daughters’ weddings brought me. I’m going on about how it would not have been so enjoyable without an amazing partner. And what does he say? “ Aww.” Now he thinks I am talking about him. Sinking back into my chair I contemplate how to respond to that, without hurt feelings. Don’t get me wrong, he is a wonderful partner, but I meant JST, my go to yarn supplier and giver of great advice.

Summoning my courage, I told him what I was thinking and we both erupted in laughter because that was not what he was thinking, but let’s be real, one must give credit to where it belongs, the fabulous folks at JST. So consider this my valentine to you JST – a tale of fiber romance that I hope brings a smile to your face.

Now let me tell you all about the shawls that I made for love with your help. In 2019 my first daughter got married and I wanted to make a shawl for her, and the bridesmaids. While I sourced the cashmere for her shawl elsewhere, JST gave excellent advice on yarns for the bridesmaids’ shawls. I decided on a 20/2 Salt Spring Skies colour silk warp, and an Navy 18/2 merino wool weft, sett at 24 epi. The pattern that I chose was from Handwoven May/June 2014 in an article entitled American Snowflake Shawl by Jan Josifek. Photo by Jody Goodwin Photography

Fast-forward to winter 2022 and my youngest daughter was getting married. So what you do for one, you do for all, so it was time to start shawl planning. She wanted a light blue shawl and with the help of JST we found this Zephyr Ice Blue colour that was perfect. I wove her shawl with a 30/2 White silk warp and a zephyr, sett at 26. I used design # 70110 from For the bridesmaids, I used the same pattern, and zephyr ice blue for the warp and Zephyr Marine Blue for the weft. The Selbu mittens were knit using the same materials by the talented Lori Mae. The photograph is by Tara Hill Studios

And just when I thought my wedding shawl-making days were over, my good friend’s daughter announced her wedding and I eagerly said, let me make your wedding shawl. It was a fall wedding and the groom was wearing an ultra suede suit in mahogany. I panicked. How will I find a match? I did what I now know to do. I called JST and discussed it, and we came up with a 30/2 Chocolate Cherry silk, which I used for the warp, and a 16/2 cotton in a light brown colour to tone down the sheen of the silk against the ultra suede. It worked perfectly at a sett of 30. The pattern was a variation of the one I used for my daughter’s wedding from number 70110.

So here’s to you JST, the unsung heroes behind my woven tales of love. With your support my project visions are transformed into tangible expressing of my affections. Thank you for all you do.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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