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December 7th, 2021 newsletter

The Enxtended Units, Blocks & Profiles Workshop Coming to You Online in 2022!

Season 6 is ready to roll out the door. How exciting … another layer of ideas and understanding added to our garden of weaving knowledge. Our weaving soil is getting better and better and I can hardly wait to see what you grow this year. 

Units, Blocks and Profiles are the 3 words that we will dance around in 2022.  We’ve heard those words before but now we’ll take a deeper look at them. We’ll study a few new structures (well, actually very old structures) and see how we can use everything we’ve learned about design in fresh new ways. This little video should get you all jazzed up about what’s coming your way at the School of Weaving 🙂

xo Jane

School of Weaving Units, Blocks & Profiles Trailer

Sneak peak at what we’ll be weaving!

Monk’s Belt like you’ve never seen before
A new modern approach to the classic Overshot

Continuing on with Turned Twill, working with so many blocks
Overshot Name Drafting – the designs possibilities are endless

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2 thoughts on “December 7th, 2021 newsletter

  1. You have come very highly recommended and I want to renew my interest in weaving at the young age of 80, BUT at the beginning of the year. You keep sending so many wonderful things where you say “:start your free 7 day trial” , or “new block structures” etc. I have two looms, but since I am sure I will have to go back to basics on warping, etc. I just cannot start before Christmas or even be tempted. Will all these opportunities be available in January??
    I am doing this in the “comment” section because I could not find an email address and I didn’t know whether there was a cost to call British Columbia.
    Thank you so much for your help. I cannot wait until January 1
    Noel Leary

    1. Hi Noel, the free trial is always there. You can try is out in the new year when you are ready. Just go to

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