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December 7, 2023 newsletter

New Colours in Organic Cotton Cloud

We have had so many requests for more colours in our beautiful Organic Cotton Cloud yarn, that we decided to add some “hot” colours to the line. These three colours were inspired by three of our top-selling silk colours, Ariel’s Voice, Buddha Berry and Lime Light.

Our Organic Cotton Cloud is 100% Organic Cotton, available in 1 lb cones (1,200 yds/lb) and we recommend a sett of 8 EPI for plain weave.

This super soft yarn weaves up into wonderful, snuggly baby and/or adult blankets! It washes up easily which is important to a well-loved baby blanket.😉 




JST Greeting Cards

Looking for a stocking stuffer for a weaving friend? We have 3 different theme packs of greeting cards. They are selling for C$16.99 for a pack of 10 cards. And, if that’s the only thing you are buying – then you have the option to have them mailed to you for $5CAD within Canada or $5USD mailed to the US.

Out in the Wild

On the Loom

In the Studio

E-Gift Cards

Gift certificates are the perfect gift choice which gives the weavers in your world a way to plan a project and choose the yarn they want to use to create their own unique “kit”. We have a selection of patterns available for purchase which could be the starting point of their next project 😉 Or – if you are the only weaver in your family circle – you could drop hints, print out this newsletter and accidentally leave it lying on the coffee table, or plant the idea with a family member who might share that information with others 😉 If you are hoping for the gift of a month or a year for the School of Weaving – these gift options can be purchased on the same page.

Vintage gift box on wooden background

From Our Inbox

Hanneke van Gorcum from the Netherlands has created these fabulous pillows using Overshot with colour and weave – Season 7 episode 5. We were blown away by what she created and had to share her photo of her 3 pillows with you.

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