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December 6, 2022 newsletter

Season 7, yay!

An Overlay of Colour & Weave Sequences and Texture on Units and Block Weave

Hello there my darling kidlets….so many of you have been waiting for this newsletter…so here we go!

As always, 2023 will build on all previous years with special emphasis on the Colour and Weave gamp we did in Season 2 Episode 4. We are going to take those Colour and Weave sequences and overlay them onto units and blocks. You’ll be amazed how you can take a sequence that may have been 5 ends and blow it up to be 20 ends or 40 ends. The motif stays the same, it’s just much bigger. We can also use those end-on-end sequences in so many unit and block weaves to add incredible depth and complexity to these structures. AND….we can add texture to so many of them, thick and thin in both the warp and weft. 

This is all being done on 4 shafts, with the exception of Episode 1 which is more on Turned Twill…I know…how can there be more….well, we’re only getting started. 😉

So far we’ve filmed the first 3 episodes…..Turned Twill, Fiberworks and Monk’s Belt. I can hardly wait to get the hundreds of yards woven for the next 6 episodes, it’ll keep me busy and off the streets. 🤣

I hope you enjoy the Promo…it gives you a lot of detail and some sneak peeks at what’s coming your way.

And, thank you so much for belonging to the School of Weaving….it is your subscription that allows me to keep making these episodes, taking things further and I have the honour to share it all with you. ❤️

Love ya tons,

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2 thoughts on “December 6, 2022 newsletter

  1. Hello Jane
    I would like to start my free 7 day trial in January 2023 as I have already made many commitments before Christmas. I am interested in beginning the school of weaving in January . Not sure how it works for its payments. Does the “ year “ begin when you receive the payment? Should I wait until January then to join ?
    Mary Tylosky

    1. Hi Mary,
      There are 6 full seasons up there right now. I just happened to create the school in January of 2017….and I start each season in January but there is so much up there already that a new member could start at anytime during the year. Everything is based on the previous season so it builds and builds. I do recommend that everyone watch the Season 2 videos on. Season 1 is technical about warping etc…so if you have that under your belt I would start at Season 2. It is an extremely flexible system. There may be episodes you’re not interested in, so watch them and don’t weave them….but if there was information in that episode that might be used in the next episode you will have at least seen it and will know what I’m talking about. Hope this helps.

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