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December 13 , 2022 newsletter

The magic of Colour and Weave 

can’t help but be excited about sharing what we’ll be doing in Season 7! There are so many possibilities using “what if”…. and magic can really happen. Early in 2023 we’ll add to our knowledge of Fiberworks PCW and learn about some tools that I wasn’t even aware of.  You’ll have so much fun learning more about this amazing software.

December is the time we get to sort out the Studio, take a wee break and get ready for another exciting year ahead of us. In the meantime – check out the Episode 1 kit below if you want to be ready and waiting for Turned Twill with layers in Season 7, Episode 1! Episode 2 is Fiberworks and Episode 3 is Colour and Weave on Monk’s Belt.

Happy Weaving

Season 7 New Kits

Episode 1 Turned Twill With Colour & Weave

You’ve hung out with me long enough to know that I love Colour and Weave – and now I’m adding even more layers to Turned Twill. In the first episode of Season 7, we get to see what happens when you let C&W play in Turned Twills garden 😉 

Things we will learn:

  • How to overlay C&W sequences from our C&W gamp S02E02 onto units and blocks, to make these motifs as big as we want.
  • We use D/L and D/D/L/D/L in the composition.
  • How to bring other sequences into the treadling.
  • We can also play with all those other tie-ups from S05E01 and S06E02.
  • How to warp with 2 warps, a dark warp and a light warp.
  • A discussion about whether we want to tie knots or warp with 2 warps.
  • One isn’t right, one isn’t wrong…they are just different ways to warp and it’s good to know.

Monk’s Belt With Colour & Weave

The Monk’s Belt placemats were a hit last year and we loved seeing photos of what you wove on our School of Weaving Forum as well as our Ravelry Group. Now – we are adding new design layers to a fresh set of placemats (and we’re still able to weave a lovely scarf on the same warp). Oh … the endless possibilities of C&W……

Things we will learn:

  • How to overlay C&W sequences on Monk’s Belt.
  • How we can challenge our ideas around Monk’s Belt treadling and balance.
  • How to weave super thick placemats with only 2 shuttles.
  • How we can get lovely drapey scarves on the same warp without changing the sett.

A few other things title……

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are the perfect gift choice which gives the weavers in your world a way to plan a project and choose the yarn they want to use to create their own unique “kit”. We have a selection of patterns available for purchase which could be the starting point of their next project 😉 Or – if you are the only weaver in your family circle – you could drop hints, print out this newsletter and accidentally leave it lying on the coffee table, or plant the idea with a family member who might share that information with others 😉 If you are hoping for the gift of a month or a year for the School of Weaving – these gift options can be purchased on the same page.

Michelle’s Zephyr Scarf Kit

There is something soft, warm, and delightful about Michelle’s scarf. With Zephyr yarn in both the warp and weft woven in Turned Twill, the resulting scarves are beautiful and cozy to wear on a winter’s day. 

The thing I like about Turned Twill is that you can put your colours in the warp and weave with just one colour in the weft, and yet you achieve multi-coloured blocks.  You can weave your profile square or change the height of your blocks by changing the number of times you treadle them.  This system allows for many different graphic possibilities on one warp.

Turned Twill requires an 8-shaft loom and is recommended for an intermediate weaver. 

Eco Jeans Cramming & Denting Scarf

This Eco Jean yarn is lovely to weave and uses Cramming and Denting in the design, and because this yarn grabs onto itself it happily stays in place. Should you want to weave this scarf in a different colourway – simply, put the Cramming and Denting Eco Jeans Scarves kit into your cart, then on the checkout screen in the “notes” section, let us know what colours you would like us to put in your kit. These scarves are light, airy, casual and warm. A perfect addition to jeans and a T-shirt!

Double-Ended Electric Bobbin Winder

This is a handy tool to have on hand that will make your weaving life easier. It holds bobbins and pirns in place while you quickly wind them as you prepare to weave. It also will hold the large Leclerc Styrene Spools that will easily hold a skein of silk. Once the silk is on the spool – it’s ready to be wound onto bobbins. Easy peasy!

Schacht Umbrella Swift – no counter

The Ultra Umbrella Swift is ingeniously designed with features you will love. It can be used with your bobbin winder to quickly move skeins of silk and other skeined yarn onto a large Leclerc spool for weaving or onto your ball winder if you also happen to be a knitter!

Please note this swift does not have a counter.


Ball bearings for exceptionally smooth turning.
Pushes down to open and will not flare out after the skein is emptied.
Stable slat pivots with solid steel pins.
Ingenious clamp mounts on most tables, even those with thick edges.
Built-in winding handle.
Holds skeins up to 93″ in circumference.
Can be used in either a vertical or horizontal position.
Tube and button slat assembling.

From Our Inbox

We love hearing from our weavers around the world… Hannie Derks from the Netherlands shared her interpretation of denting. She wove this beautiful scarf using 16/2 cotton in red and yellow colour gradients for the warp and added the luxury of natural silk by using it for her weft. It’s stunning Hannie – I wish we could feel its drape 😉 

We offer FREE shipping on all Louet looms within Continental North America. We also offer the option to pay a $1000.00 CAD deposit on your loom with the balance due when the loom ships out to you. This gives you the flexibility to make smaller payments toward your balance, at your convenience.

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