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Busy as Bees

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I’ve just heard from Jane – she’s currently in Kolkata and whoo boy are her days full of excitement and activity. Unfortunately she hasn’t had half the amount of internet access that we all expected and so, we’re going to have to wait till she’s back on Salt Spring to hear about her adventure. She’ll be writing a whole series of stories about all of the wonderful people she has met and the incredible things she has seen and learned while travelling in India.

Until then, all of us back here at the Studio wish her a continued safe, enlightening and fun journey.

Lots of Love

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3 Responses to Busy as Bees

  1. Jo-Anne Taniwa says:

    How exciting that is that you are in India Jane. What a wonderful opportunity for you to learn a new culture and to show them your talent. Please have a safe journey, and will look forward to reading about your adventure, in your Blog.

    Much love & best wishes.
    Your cousin Jo

  2. Maiwa says:

    Hey Jane!

    We are back in Bagru and Shirley just arrived… we are all thinking of you and our wonderful adventures. We are excited to read your blog series. We have picked up treasures that remind us of you along the way… can’t wait to show you! Tomorrow we are heading into Jaipur to pick out jewellery and we are sure there will be a beautiful necklace that calls your name. We toast you tonight.

    Much love from India and the travelling Maiwa team xo

    • admin says:

      Hi Kids,
      Oh you will have such a wonderful day tomorrow. How I wish I were there. It is snowing here. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
      I have to get more up on this blog and I will, very soon. Just getting caught up. I taught on Denman Is. last weekend, this week
      we are dressing 8 looms for the Colour and Design retreat that starts on Monday. It is good to get right back into the swing of things.
      (I think!) Love you all,
      JP xoxoxoxoxo sniff sniff

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