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August 30, 2022 newsletter

New JST Kit!

Cramming and Denting Eco Jeans Scarves

When the Venne Eco Jeans yarn arrived in stock, we all got quite excited about the possibilities that this 100% recycled, environmentally friendly yarn would add to our selection of yarns. Did you know that Eco Jeans yarn is made from recycled jeans and used plastic bottles? Worn jeans, jackets and other articles of denim fabric get a new life through this yarn 🙂

We thought there wasn’t a better way to understand the possibilities of this special yarn than by creating a kit where it takes centre stage. These scarves, designed and woven by Lorelie Lenaour, use the cramming and denting technique and are so much fun to weave and wear. I hope you have as much fun playing with our new yarn as Lorelie has.  What a stunning design!


Eco Jeans Scarf Kit

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: Plain Weave
Material: Venne Eco Jeans
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Loom requirements:

Shafts: 4, Reed: 10, Weaving width: 13

Each kit includes:

Weaving instructions (including draft), 1 – 50g cone of Venne Eco Jeans Slate, 5 – 50g cones of Venne Eco Jeans Deep Navy

From Our Inbox!

We thought you would enjoy seeing what Lydia in Santa Rosa, California created for her dining table, using the skills and understanding that has already learned from the School of Weaving. It is so beautiful that we knew that you would love to see the photos as well! We look forward to discovering messages in our Inbox from our School of Weaving subscribers who are learning to fly off on their very own creative journey. Well done, Lydia!

Hi Jane,

I’m enjoying my subscription to the Stafford sessions/classes very much. I love your understated designs, good humor, and ability to make everything seem doable! I’m on season 3. I will not be tangling with mohair just yet. I am a member of the Redwood Guild of Fiber Arts, down here in Santa Rosa, CA. You’ve given me the ability to go back to certain classes for inspiration and think of new ways to put together weaves and colors.

This table runner is for my dining table. I used a 4 harness Birdseye pattern with occasional basketweave pattern. I used blue and gold 8/2 cottolin for the warp and mercerized 5/2 cotton for the weft with a few accent colors at the 1/3 mark. I was surprised how much heavier the mercerized cotton made the final product. The weight seems just right for the long table.

Thank you very much, and here are a couple photos

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  1. Lydia from Santa Rosa did a beautiful job. The colors are lovely.

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