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August 17, 2021 newsletter

The Magic of Venne yarns

Venne’s organic 8/2 organic cotton, 16/2 organic linen and 22/2 cottolin will open a magic box full of colour and texture, as well as giving you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping our planet in the process. It’s hard to put into words the difference in the “hand” of a cloth woven with the Venne organic yarns when compared with more traditionally manufactured yarn, you just have to feel it 🙂 

Ssshhhh – I know we don’t even want to think that far ahead either;)  However … imagine designing and weaving towels or table linens out of your choice of the rainbow colours of organic Venne yarns … tea towels, table runners, a scarf using silk as the weft??? You can create a very special, unique Christmas gift that will be cherished for years to come. To make your life easier, we have just created new colourways for our Spring & Easter Stripes Kits. You now can weave that kit as Fall Stripes and/or Christmas Stripes tea towels, substituting the new colours for the ones listed in the kit and create your own special cloth. See the new seasonal colour palettes below that can be overlaid on this adaptable pattern, then click on the original kit link to get started!

Our Christmas Stripes palette includes one 100g cone each of 8/2 organic cotton in Burgundy, Kentucky Blue, Gift Green, and Lt. Stone Grey along with two 250g cones of Linen White. With this option you’ll weave 7 festive Christmas towels by substituting these colours for the original palette in our Spring & Easter Stripe kit!

Fall Stripes – this option includes one 100g organic 8/2 cotton cone each of Flaming Red, Jaffa, Orange, Deep Red and three 100g cones of Cream.

Venne 16/2 Organic Linen

Sett Suggestion:

  • Plain Weave: 15 epi & 15 ppi
  • Twill: 18 epi & 15 ppi

Both setts give you a nice drapey fabric.

Venne 8/2 Organic Cotton

Sett Suggestion

  • Plain weave: 16-20 epi (ranging from gossamer cotton at 16 epi to firm cloth at 20 epi)
  • Twill: 20-24 epi (ranging from a nice drapey fabric at 20 epi to a firmer cloth at 24 epi)

*supplementary weft structures 16 epi

Venne 22/2 Organic Cottolin

Sett Suggestion
  • plain weave 16-20 epi (ranging from a gossamer fabric at 16 epi to firm cloth at 20 epi)
  • twill 20-24 epi (ranging from a nice drapey fabric at 20 epi to a firmer cloth at 24 epi)

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2 thoughts on “August 17, 2021 newsletter

  1. When so you expect the Christmas stripes kit to be available again ?

    1. Hi Manon,

      Thanks for reaching out. We will have this kit back in stock in about 3 weeks. We are currently out of the “gift green” but have all the other colours. If you want to choose a different colour to replace the gift green I can custom make the kit for you. Just email to make your request.


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