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April 5, 2022 newsletter

A Few Turned Twill Kits

Turned Twill and its 8 shaft tie-up variations are so much fun to weave! So, I thought it might be the perfect structure to immerse ourselves in during the last messy days of spring! The sun has been out in our world and the cherry blossoms are opening in pink clouds over our heads. However, on our coast, we know that rain is always on the horizon and that the perfect spot to avoid getting wet, is at our looms 😉

Kiki’s Bambu 8-Shaft Scarves Kit

A number of years ago, my friend Christel Knoth (and talented Salt Spring Island weaver) – aka Kiki – wove these scarves which then became a favourite project among our weavers! We decided it was time to “dust it off” and share it with you. For a quick fix of Turned Twill – we have the scarves available in a kit waiting for you.

Garibaldi Flats 8 Shaft Turned Twill

Are you looking for a more practical project for exploring Turned Twill? These tea towels provide endless possibilities when playing with your treadling. The draft includes the simplest tie-up for Turned Twill but also includes an alternate tie-up should you want to change things up. There are just so darn many things that can be done with this weave structure!

For Our 4 Shaft Friends…

Garibaldi Flats on 4 Shafts

Garibaldi Flats is inspired by the greys and white seen on the mountains in Garibaldi Provincial Park in our home province of British Columbia.

Weaving these simple twill towels can be quite a bit of fun if you play with the graphics in the overall pattern. Get out your notebook and pencil crayons and draw your stripes on the paper – then, have some fun coming up with ideas of how to create a different look for each towel. You can weave 8 unique canvases (tea towels) using the kit!

From Our Inbox

Hanneke van Gorcum, from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, was inspired by Season 6: Episode 2 – 8 Shaft Twill Blocks and Tie-up Quadrants. Not only was she excited by the possibilities of this amazing structure but also by the Show and Tell.  Henneke was so inspired by Sharon Broadley’s scarves that she rushed off to design a table runner for Easter. Henneke thoughtfully sent us photos of this fabulous runner along with her thanks to Sharon and Jane for inspiring her!

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