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February 21, 2024 newsletter

Potholder looms and loops are back by popular (Jane & Joan’s) demand

Jane and Joan have been looping like crazy and can’t get enough of it. (Joan is our fabulous Salt Spring Island Basket Weaver – friend and teacher of Season 8 – Basketry, Weave a Rib Basket – for everyone!) 

We’ve had to order extra loops to keep up with their production! So, we thought there might be other “loopers” out there who also need more loops.

Or, maybe there are aspiring loopers craving a potholder loom, so we decided to add Potholder looms and loops to our permanent inventory. If you haven’t made these potholders, give them a try! The possibilities are endless, as Jane discovered before Christmas 😉 She had fun making enough potholders so that Freya had Christmas gifts to give everyone as her gift to them!

There is even a potholder design wizard to help you visualize your next project (like a mini Fiberworks)! Have fun exploring potholder possibilities!
5 Great Reasons to Love Potholder Looms
1. You can make a warp and thread the loom in under 5 minutes
2. It’s virtually impossible to make a threading error
3. You can use loops to make beautiful bracelets and anklets ala Freya
4. You can take your loom anywhere (in the car, plane, train bus, vacation etc)
5. It only takes 30 minutes to finish a project, instant gratification 🙂

Party Packs

There are 4 delightful colourways to choose from for your Party Pack Lotta loop bag or bags. It’s fun to mix colours from different colourways as you can create up to 18 potholders out of each bag. 

While the number of loops of each colour may vary, bags are weighed to ensure they contain enough loops to make those promised 18 potholders. Cotton loops are custom-sized to fit our 7″ Potholder Loom. Every loop fits.

Rainbow packs include Turquoise, Blue, Plum, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime & Green.

Earthtones Packs include:
Chocolate, Burgundy, Spice, Ochre, Leaf, Willow & Pine.

Botanical Packs include Daffodil, Tiger Lily, Robin’s Egg, Powder blue, Hydrangea, Lavender & Carnation.

Neutrals Packs include White, Winter White, Flax, Autumn, Silver, Pewter, Dark Navy & Black.

The Louet’s Table Top Warping Mill has been upgraded!

The mill is still the same size and folds flat. But…the upgrade has added ball bearings to give us smoother spin and it now spins like a top!

From Our YouTube Channel

Are you having problems with a particular part of your weaving process? Jane has many wee videos on her YouTube Channel that can help you get over particular challenges. Counting your warp threads at the Cross is just one of the helpful videos. Check out what’s available here.

David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship to you!

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New to weaving?

Check out Season 1 Foundation where you will learn warping, dressing the loom, weaving techniques, project planning, understanding sett as well as different types of looms and yarns along with how to weave with difficult yarns like mohair.

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