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July 25, 2023 newsletter

Thick & Thin

Have you ever wondered how to weave with both thick and thin in your weft? The following is Jane’s answer to this question from our Knowledge Base.

How do I make different weft thicknesses all come out the same width on the final product if the warp is all the same thickness? Fulling helps it but it still looks odd.

This is always a tricky situation. Thick wefts will always push your warp out and thin wefts will always pull your warp in. So you can do 2 things. One… you can build a pattern into the design where you use those tendencies as a design element when creating your fabric.

The second thing you could do is to purposefully draw in more when you are using your thick yarn. Draw it into the width of your fine weft area. Or when you throw a pick of your fine weft you need to leave that yarn at a higher angle so that more weft can get into the shed, this will control the draw-in on the fine weft. It all comes down to selvedge control, but knowing that thick wefts and thin wefts will draw in differently, you can use it as a design feature.

One more thing………if you want, you could wind several ends of the fine to make a thicker weft – that would reduce the problem, but if you are after the thick/thin effect, that won’t work.

For more information and a video – head to School of Weaving Season 2 Episode 8 – Playing at the Loom and watch as Jane plays with thick and thin yarn and Bouclé! Endless possibilities …….

New Eco Jeans Colours!

Our shelves now have more colour options for you to design your cloth in our new range of Eco Jeans colours. Initially, we started with just the colours that were originally produced in this fabulous yarn which is created out of old jeans and pop bottles. We now have a total of 12 colours just waiting for you to play with! Check out our new colours Steam, Pelican Pink and Primavera available in 100g cones. Venne is in the process of discontinuing 50g cones and switching to 100g cones for their Eco Jeans yarn and these new colours are the first on our shelves!

Cramming & Denting Eco Jeans Scarf Kit

This Eco Jeans kit has proven to be a favourite amongst our JST shoppers. It’s a fun project to weave and would be a perfect accessory for all the students in your life heading off to university or school in the Fall.

This Eco Jeans kit has proven to be a favourite amongst our JST shoppers. It’s a fun project to weave and would be a perfect accessory for all the students in your life heading off to university or school in the Fall.

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: Plain Weave
Material: Venne Eco Jeans
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Loom requirements:
Shafts: 4
Reed: 10 dent
Weaving width: 13″

Cone Ends Sale Restocked!

Have you been wanting to play with different yarns to see if you like weaving with them? Have you wondered what yarns you aren’t familiar with would be like after you have finished it? Our cone ends packages give you a surprise choice of part cones in a variety of colours, Try one in the fibre of your choice so you can test out new-to-you yarns! The colours shown below and on the website may not be the same colours in your surprise order 🙂

Each bag weighs 200g of surprise colours!

Keeping you informed

As you may have heard on the news there is a pending UPS strike that may happen on August 1, 2023. We have lots of yarn in stock so this should not affect our inbound orders from suppliers but will affect our customers in the USA. We have made arrangements to ship with USPS should the strike happen but they will also be very busy with other companies shipping with them during this time. If you are needing yarn for your next project, it might be a good idea to order this week to ensure you get your parcel in a timely manner. We will do everything we can to minimize the interruption to our customers.

From Our Inbox

This letter from Leslie Strong, from Calgary, AB arrived in our InBox last November. We were waiting for just the right newsletter to share her ideas with you. 
Jane provided such a wonderful opportunity to take away from all the episodes on Twill and venture into making scarves for Christmas presents. I made a total of 6 Scarves, 3 in Merino/Tencel and 3 in just Tencel.

First Three: – A twill, ” Wall of Troy” design using Merino/Tencel 2/10. Pattern from Handwoven Loom Theory. The photo reflects Scarf 1 in Kaki Pale for the Weft and Natural for the Warp. I truly love this scarf. It has a 3″ twisted fringe, 67 1/2″ long, 8 3/4″ wide. Scarf 2 Warp: Natural and Weft Silver. This scarf did not show the design as much and the silver was a bit bluish instead of silver but still goes very nicely with a black outfit. Scarf 3: Warp: Acier(Grey) and Weft: Black – which is my favourite. All these scarves are so soft with wonderful drape.

The last Three: – A plaited twill in Tencel. Tencel is pretty tricky to work with but I love the drape and feel of these scarves. I live in Calgary right now and have found out to work with Tencel in a dry climate requires some preparations such as a humidifier in the room, a water spritzer bottle, silver thread copolymer fishing line, and patience. Sounds intimidating but rewarding. An important thing to remember, is if you make a longer warp, and you walk away from your project for any length of time, ensure you release the tension until you return. Tencel has a tendency to break. I had a much straighter selvedge with the silver thread as a separate selvedge along with the required selvedge. I put both in different reed slots, separated with light weights attached to each. It worked perfectly. I pulled the silver threading out before washing, it easily pulls out and leaves a beautiful straight edge. I used a pattern from Handwoven Magazine which followed one of Carol Stickler’s 8 shaft patterns, page 103.

Scarf 1: A variegated tencel in the Warp and a Wine Colour tencel in the Weft. The Variegated warp hid the design a little but still turned out so nice.

Scarf 2: I used solid colours for the warp and weft in these two scarves. Weft in Brown and Warp in Havana. I love the shine and the drape.

Thanks to Jane, I just love weaving so much! Can’t wait for next year. I have made numerous towels, scarves, and placemats through her teachings. I only became a weaver through Jane’s On-Line learning. Never woven before.

I love quotes which could relate to weaving: “Life experiences are all woven together” and the other: “Don’t allow fear to limit you”. I follow both of these.

Leslie Strong

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the loom generally takes 5 days to reach our customers!

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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July 18, 2023 newsletter

New Linen Colours

Now comes the fun part of clearing off our shelves to make room for new colours – we’ve just added 4 stunning shades to our 40/2 Linen. Imagine what you can create using one or two new colours and mixing them with the 40/2 Linen we already have on our shelves. If you haven’t woven with this linen – you are in for a treat! And, If you are new to weaving with linen – you can check out the School of Weaving – Season 3 Episode 2 where the magic happens by combining Cramming and Denting and 40/2 Linen.

40/2 Linen Setts

Plain weave: 24 epi and 24 ppi to create a crisp but still drapey fabric
30 epi and 30 ppi to create a little crisper fabric which will still be soft.

Combined with 30/2 Bombyx silk in the warp and weft:
Plain weave: 24 epi and 24 ppi for a beautiful, stable and drapey fabric.

Using 30/2 silk as the warp and 40/2 linen as the weft:
Plain weave: 30 epi and 30 ppi for a fabulous, drapey fabric that is a little firmer than above.

Lavender Lace Kit in any colour!

Have you been admiring the beautiful Lavender Lace Kits in the JST Online shop but the colours offered – just don’t quite appeal to you? Did you know that you can order the kits in any colour of 40/2 Linen you want? 

When you have put the kit into your cart and you proceed to Checkout – go to the bottom of the page and you’ll see an “Order notes (optional)” box. Let us know in that box that you would like to weave the Lavender Lace kit in Emperor blue – for instance – or choose any colour from our rainbow of 40/2 Linen that calls to you.

A Few More Linen Kits

Fulford Mist Linen & Silk Scarves
For the Advanced Beginner
2/2 Twill Weave

30/2 Bombyx Silk & 40/2 linen

Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Ganges Sunrise Scarves

1/3, 3/1 Twill Weave

We offer 2 options for this kit!

with 2 JST Exclusive hand-dyed silks
or for more colour options,
with 4 JST Exclusive hand-dyed silks

8/2 cotton in Khaki

We will be discontinuing 8/2 cotton in Khaki shortly as we continue to add new colours to the yarns we carry. If you have a project in mind where you would use Khaki – now is the time to grab the few we have left to add to your stash!

School of Weaving Linen Episodes

We have two lessons where the projects are woven in Linen. If you are new to weaving with linen – those two episodes are certainly worth watching.

From Our Inbox

We have a real treat for you this week – music and beautiful cloth. Helen Deighan of Hindhead, in the UK, sent this delightful email to From Our Inbox. It’s been a treat to read her email and listen to the song she writes about, as we looked at the stunning Name Draft pieces she has shared with us.

Hi Jane and team,

I thought you might like to see my Name Drafting pieces and also to thank you for a wonderful programme. I have been weaving for a number of years, really just following patterns. I now understand enough to design my own pieces – thanks

In 1969 my husband wrote a song ‘Champs Elysee ‘ It became a huge hit in France and is still very popular today even used by the French football team when they won a big trophy. This song has been part of our lives for over 50 years so I thought I would use it for my Name Drafting exercise, Season 6 episode 5. I just took the letters of the song title. Red, white and blue were not my usual colours of choice but thought they were right for this work. I created three little blocks which will be displayed together for my husband to hang in his studio.

A little bit about the history of the song. It was first written by my husband Michael Deighan with his partner Mike Welsh in 1969. It was called Waterloo Road. It was then taken to France and translated and was recorded by Joe Dassin and became a big hit. If you Google ‘Champs Elysee song’ lots of recordings come up including the original version by Joe Dassin.

Hope you enjoy it.
Helen Deighan

Want to learn more about Name Drafting on Overshot? We have an episode at School of Weaving!

We offer FREE shipping on all Louet looms within Continental North America. We also offer the option to pay a $1000.00 CAD deposit on your loom with the balance due when the loom ships out to you. This gives you the flexibility to make smaller payments toward your balance, at your convenience.

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and on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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July 11, 2023 newsletter

Limited Edition
Popsicle Tea Towel Kit in Bouclé

We’ve had so much fun designing tea towels using the photos in our current calendar. The colours in the July photo reminded us of popsicles. You start to realize that summer is really here when you see the brightly coloured popsicles lined up in the freezer. You can’t help smiling when you see the children enjoying them with all their drips and happy faces. Some of us have never grown up and we look forward to popsicle season too 😉

Here’s your chance to grab a Limited Edition tea towel kit woven in plain weave with Bouclé cotton as your warp and weft. You’ll discover that Bouclé towels are a “workhorse” in your kitchen and quickly dry anything you “throw” their way. The kit comes with a basic Bouclé Tea Towel PDF, (which was designed with a different colourway). It has all the information you’ll need to create your towels using the colours provided in the Popsicle kit. You’ll also get the information for your warp colour sequence as well as the instructions for weaving 5 towels. The warp will be long enough to weave 9 towels so you’ll have enough left to go crazy designing creations of your own!

Grab a kit now because when they are sold out – they are gone…….

JST July Calendar Image

July’s calendar photo gives us a “riot” of colours to choose from to create and weave a stunning summer scarf or ……. let your imagination run away with you 😉 Just picture a few of the colours and yarns below dressing your loom and cheering you on to the finish line 😉
  Starting at the top from left to right:

30/2 Silk Sweet Potato Pie
Venne 8/2 organic cotton Bright Pink
8/2 cotton Fuchsia
8/2 cotton Salmon
8/2 cotton Bleached
8/2 cotton Orange
Zephyr Wool/Silk blend Mythical Pink
Bouclé cotton Hot Pink
Bouclé cotton Lemon

A few more favourite Bouclé kits

We have quite a selection of Bouclé tea towel kits – some woven with only Bouclé like the one featured above or with 8/2 cotton in the warp and Bouclé in the weft. They are fun to weave and handy as appreciated gifts should you need one at the last minute. 

Choose from the always favourite – Granny Pam’s Inspiration Tea Towel Kit or picture a tea towel called Ocean, Country Renaissance or Not Enough Green for Grant – but wait ….. there are more, check them out!

Bouclé Tea Towel Kit – Granny Pam’s Inspiration

Bouclé Tea Towel Kit – Ocean

Bouclé Tea Towel Kit – Country Renaissance Kit

Bouclé Tea Towel Kit – Not Enough Green for Grant

From Our Inbox

PK in New Zealand sent this to us when we asked for submissions to our From Our Inbox. Yes – the same PK that you’ve already seen in this space – we love how she has taken what she’s learned from the School of Weaving and said “What if” …. What she has created with the Parrot sample from Season 2 Episode 5 – Parrot and Fibonacci blows us away!
Finished S2 Sample 3 Parrot. As you will see, I really enjoyed this colourway. I kind of went to town with it. Not only did I do two 6 yd warps for both colour way napkins/tea towels, I also opened up the sett and made myself a cotton scarf – this time long enough!

After each lesson I use what I have learned so far to create something in merino (my go-to fibre). So I dyed merino in the 5 similar colours and made a shawl (that I actually sold at the market!!). I called the shawl Amazonia. It has elements of stripes and asymmetry.

I also wove an inlay for a jeans jacket gift I made for a 3 year old. Her fav colours are pink/purple (pinkle) and this gives the jacket its pièce de résistance.

Thanks for the fun and permission granted!


We offer FREE shipping on all Louet looms within Continental North America. We also offer the option to pay a $1000.00 CAD deposit on your loom with the balance due when the loom ships out to you. This gives you the flexibility to make smaller payments toward your balance, at your convenience.

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July 4, 2023 newsletter


This has been a busy long weekend in the Northern Hemisphere with a variety of celebrations. Canadians celebrated last Saturday, and our neighbours to the south are celebrating today. However, if that’s not enough celebration, you missed the chance for World UFO Day on Sunday and Plastic Bag Free Day yesterday. 

Since we aren’t sure what colours UFOs are nor do we know what colour to use for the absence of plastic bags…we decided to feature the colours that represent the celebrations in our part of the world.

And therefore – from the photo above – we have featured red, white and blue…

The yarns going clockwise around the photo are:

We’ve also just added 8/2 cotton Blue to our inventory!

Holly Berry Tea Towel Kit

The Holly Berry Tea Towels are a fun, relaxing project for summer. There are two versions of this kit – one with cotton and the other with cottolin (a 70% cotton/30% linen blend), which, by the way, is a wonderful yarn to weave with. We can also make the kits in any colour, even make it in our new 8/2 cotton ‘blue’. At checkout, add your colours to your order note.

The structures you would weave into these towels are plain weave and Atwater Bronson Lace. 

There is even a bonus hidden inside this pattern – a mini-lesson from Jane on how to design with Bronson Lace that you’ll be able to use when you design your own lace project.

Kiki’s Bambu Scarf

While focusing on red in this newsletter – we thought that Kiki’s Bambu Scarf kit would also be a fun red scarf to weave.

Christel Knoth is another talented weaver from Salt Spring – known to all as Kiki. One of her favourite weave structures is Turned Twill, which she used to design these three scarves, woven on the same warp with different weft colours and treadlings.

JST Shipping

We offer a $17.00 CAD flat-rate shipping on orders to Canada & USA. Spend over $250.00 CAD and you’ll receive free shipping! Receive 10% off & free shipping when you spend over $500.00 CAD (Some Exceptions Apply).

From Our Inbox

This week we are featuring another weaver from the southern hemisphere – an Aussie. Jessica Norris lives in a magical place In Australia called the Southern Highlands. She wanted to share with us the project she took on to reproduce a medieval cloth stored at the V&A Museum in London, England. Enjoy reading about her amazing journey of discovery and the help she was able to find through the School of Weaving that made it possible for her to create this remarkable towel.

Dear Jane and the JST team,

I recently sampled for a project way outside my comfort zone that drew on a bunch of your lessons. I wanted to reproduce a “Perugia towel” (a medieval cloth like the ones in the V and A museum. (e.g. )

These towels are woven on a linen warp, with cotton pattern weft. The body of the towel is typically point twill or broken diamond twill. After doing the Huck and Twills project (season 5 episode 9) this felt like a familiar idea!

I wound my warp with 2/8 cotton (what I had in stash in white) and used all 12 shafts with a point threading. I watched the Monk’s Belt and Overshot episodes (season 6 episodes 3 and 4) to understand how to do the pattern sections (this is also called Opphämta I think, but I’m still researching the history of the weave to understand how it’s woven on a draw loom).

I used the episode on Block Analysis (season 6 episode 9) to draft some 6-unit block designs and interpreted each unit with two shafts as a simple float. Then I got to weaving!

Discovering how to reproduce the blue repp weave sections on the same warp took experimenting with sett. I ended up opening to 15 epi and using 2/8 cotton over three and four ends to be able to pack the weft down to cover the warp.

The end result looks exactly like the historical towels, and I’m over the moon! This project used so much knowledge I’ve acquired from the online school of weaving that I thought you’d love to know how I’ve applied it!

Attached are pictures of the finished towel sample showing the amazing drape, details of each pattern band, and the cloth from the “good side”. One final note: the middle section with lettering was done with a pick up stick, since I don’t have a draw loom. It was laborious!

Kind regards,

Jessica Norris | Living Simply in the Southern Highlands

We offer FREE shipping on all Louet looms within Continental North America. We also offer the option to pay a $1000.00 CAD deposit on your loom with the balance due when the loom ships out to you. This gives you the flexibility to make smaller payments toward your balance, at your convenience.

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Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on

Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.