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December 5, 2023 newsletter

Double the Fun

in Season 8!

Hello dear weavers,

I’ve been very busy creating new episodes for Jane Stafford’s School of Weaving for 2024.

We’ll be delving further into M’s & O’s and Huck, the Powell method of drafting Shadow Weave, a great introduction to Deflected Double Weave, Block Double Weave, and Double Faced Twills. We’ll be doubling our fun by looking at structures on 4 shafts and taking them to 8 shafts.  

I’m so excited to be introducing three guest teachers to the school. Rebecca Logan (Shadow Weave), Barbara Mitchell (Block Double Weave), and renowned basket weaver Joan Carrigan. It is going to be another amazing year of learning.

Remember, nothing ever goes away at the School of Weaving….all previous 7 years are available to you 24/7 with your yearly or monthly subscription.  

Please join us for another exciting year of learning at the loom.

Xo Jane

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You get 70+ weaving lessons from the previous 7 years along with all pattern PDF drafts needed to follow along and all upcoming new episodes for the duration of your subscription.

You can subscribe between 1 to 12 months!

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November 28, 2023 newsletter

Louet Jane Table Loom 16-shafts

We’ve had some exciting news out of Louet! Have you ever wished you had a loom that could give you almost endless design possibilities but didn’t take up a whole room in your home? Louet’s 16-shaft Jane Loom is your answer!

There are a few Jane 70 16-shafts available to be shipped out on December 15th (expected to be delivered to you before Christmas) with the next batch of 50cm & 70cm looms to be delivered February 2024.

Louët Jane 16 Shafts Video

Louet Loom Price Increase

We’ve heard that prices on Louet looms and accessories will be increasing on January 1st by about 2-3%. All orders placed with us before January 1, 2024, will receive the current prices. Orders placed before December 12th will ship out before Louet’s closure on the 15th (provided the item is in stock).
Email us for loom inquiries at

Potholder Looms Last Chance!

Last chance to order potholder looms and extra loops. Because these potholder looms make a fun seasonal gift – we just brought more in for the holidays! If you looking for a stocking stuffer or have someone’s birthday in the near future, these are a delightful, fun gift to have on hand. Planning a car trip over the holidays but not doing the driving? It might be fun to have the time to create your own potholders while the scenery flies by. Order yours now – when our current stock is gone, it’s gone.

Lotta Loops Back In-Stock

You’ll have enough loops with your Potholder loom to create 6 potholders. However, take our word for it – you will run out of these loops before you know it 😉 Especially if you have grandchildren wanting to weave when they see you weave on the looms at your house! We have stocked up on 4 different colourways so get them while you can and be ready for the creativity to flow!

Holly & Berry Cottolin Tea Towels

Our Holly & Berry Tea Towel kit in cottolin comes in Forest Green or Rich Red and weaves 4 towels each, perfect for the festive season. There’s still time to weave them!

From Our Inbox

We’ve been saving the following letter we received from Teresa (Denver, Colorado) since the summer. We thought she would inspire everyone with her fabulous napkins that would look perfect on any Christmas table. You still have time to be inspired by what she has woven and have fun weaving with red and white to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. Well done, Teresa 👏👏👏


I am a huge fan of the School of Weaving, and have watched every episode so far. Jane is the best teacher!! I am writing to you from a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

I was very intrigued with Season 6, Episode 9 (Block Analysis), and decided to try interpreting several traditional Swedish cross-stitch patterns in fine linen. As in this episode, the weave structure was Bronson Lace, threaded on 7 shafts. The warp was 40/2 linen, bleached with block framing threads in red, slayed at 30epi (600 ends), in a 10-dent reed. The warp length was 8 yds, enough to create 10, 23” napkin lengths (including 1 1/2” for hem at each end),with a bit left over; warp width on the loom was about 20”. The weft was the same bleached or red 40/2 linen. I eventually used 4 different tie-ups, each with 5 pattern treadles and 2 tabby treadles. I wove each of the four patterns, either using red linen for the pattern with bleached linen plain weave in between patterns, or bleached on bleached patterns with red linen dividers. I also wove a couple of the patterns as “bands” with 3” of plain weave in between.

My selvedges were not perfect, but overall, I was pleased with the results, and had fun with the designs! Please see the attached photos.

Best regards,
Teresa Coons

A Closer Look!

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

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November 14, 2023 newsletter

Mix & Match Towel Gifts

Shades of Grey

Oslo Tea Towels

We’re excited to introduce you to a new kit..Oslo. Oslo grew out of our Rustic Elegance Tea Towel and is perfect for anyone who liked the look of that tea towel but thought a bit of colour might make it sparkle. We played with a different Colour and Weave threading, framed our new creation with Cherry and it popped!

We realized, as we were “playing” with Oslo, that we have a number of tea towels that it would pair beautifully with – in anyone’s kitchen. The idea grew into why not weave several different kits while there’s still time. You would have a selection to choose from when you are deciding who would get what for Christmas 🙂 And…the recipients of your thoughtfulness would have towels that would add an elegant look to any kitchen. One thing led to another.

Think about it – Oslo hanging out with Alfresco, or Garibaldi and Rustic Elegance patiently waiting together to be put to work. Depending on how ambitious you are – you could weave them all and give the very special people on your list a selection of towels – instead of “just” two.

As a bonus – think of the fun you would have weaving them!


These towels are based on classic, old-world patterns with a contemporary twist. Incredibly versatile, they’ll be perfect with charcuterie and wine in a modern stainless steel kitchen, or a rustic picnic in the great outdoors come springtime. Woven in Turned Twill, Alfresco Kit weaves 8 towels in 8/2 cotton.

Rustic Elegance – Linen

Our beautiful huck tea towels have a rustic yet modern elegance, perfect for your minimalist decor. Woven in organic 16/2 linen from Venne in Holland, these towels will be passed down for generations….they are new heirlooms. Rustic Elegance in Linen kit includes 5 cones of organic linen to weave 4 stunning towels.

Rustic Elegance – Cotton

It is always so much fun to design contemporary fabrics with weave structures that have been used for centuries. Huck has been used for towelling since the middle ages. The simple 2 stripe design presents 4 different ways to use Colour and Weave patterning on Huck weft floats. Rustic Elegance, the 8/2 cotton version gives you 8 towels woven on 4 shafts with a finished dimension of 21.5″ wide by 28″ long.


Garibaldi 4 shafts

Garibaldi 8 shafts

Our Garibaldi Flats collection is inspired by the greys and whites seen on the mountains in Garibaldi Provincial Park in beautiful British Columbia. This kit is available in 4 shafts simple straight draw 2/2 Twill or 8 shafts Turned Twill. The graphic and colour plays are endless with both of these kits.

School of Weaving Subscriber?

M’s & O’s with Huck Theory Towels

When M’s & O’s, Colour & Weave and Huck get together, the end results are stunning! This kit has all the yarn, the draft plus the treadling for 10 different towels to follow along with the videos. If you’re a member of the School of Weaving and have already downloaded your PDF from the most recent episode, you can order the yarn right here. You’ll need 3 cones of 8/2 cotton in Natural and 3 cones of 8/2 cotton in Black.

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

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November 7, 2023 newsletter

7″ Potholder Loom Deluxe

We are bringing in potholder looms, just for the Holiday Season. They make a perfect gift for kids and adults alike.

Jane wanted to order one for her granddaughter so…we decided that Freya shouldn’t be the only one receiving this fun gift 😉 There will be enough in stock for you to pick up one too!

Harrisville has a super cool Potholder Design Wizard on their website. You can select your colours and pattern and it will show you the warp and weft sequence, similar to Fiberworks but for the potholder loom! You can create your very own potholder designs.

Check out how to weave a potholder by watching this Video.

Kit includes….

  • Sturdy metal loom 7″ x 7″
  • 2 Hooks (one metal for loop weaving and one plastic for finishing)
  • Illustrated instructions with lots of ideas.
  • Enough cotton loops to make six potholders
  • Multicoloured 100% cotton loops

Additional loops sold separately.

Extra Lotta Loops

Add an additional bag of extra Lotta Loops to your order so you can make 6 more potholders. We have 4 colourways to choose from.




Earth Tones

Louet Erica Loom

Louet’s Erica won’t fit in a stocking 😉 but “she” is the perfect gift for an aspiring weaver. Or…a gift for someone who wants to weave while travelling or …even staying home using the Erica as a sample or workshop loom.

Erica Looms are in stock and ready to ship.

Erica is available in two sizes and in either 2 or 4 shafts:

Erica 30, 2 shafts 11 ¾” (30 cm) weaving width
Erica 30, 4 shaft
11 ¾” (30 cm) weaving width
Erica 50, 2 shaft
19 ½” (50 cm) weaving width
Erica 50, 4 shaft
19 ½” (50 cm) weaving width

A Few More Stocking Stuffers & Gift Ideas

Leclerc Double-Ended Electric Bobbin Winder

School of Weaving

Start your free 7-day trial today or give the gift of weaving to someone special!

As we approach the end of Season 7 – we’ve looked back at all the lessons, samples and projects that we have shared since the beginning. If you are not a member – then now’s the time to hint that you’d like to have the School of Weaving as a gift. 😉 Every active member has access to the past 7 Seasons, which include a lot of projects (including PDFs) that will reinforce what you are learning with each episode you watch. You will also have access to an active forum where you can chat with fellow members. All this is available to you through an all-inclusive subscription for $99.99 US/year or $9.99 US/month (local currencies may apply). Still not sure? Take advantage of our one-week free trial to check out what the School of Weaving has to offer!

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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October 31, 2023 newsletter

Holiday Gift Weaving Ideas

Shhhhhh – I know none of us want to face the inevitable…especially since today is Halloween…but Christmas isn’t that far away if you plan to give any of your handwovens away as gifts. We thought that giving you a ‘heads-up” with suggestions for your “seasonal” weaving might prevent from weaving like crazy during the week before the big day.

We’ve put together different kits that make perfect gifts at this time of year……

Christmas Crackle Placemats are the perfect seasonal project if you plan on having a festive table – nothing will help you (or a delighted receiver of these as a gift) create a festive look as Christmasy as your tree.

Twill & Grace Placemats could be woven in different colours – check out the note at the bottom of the Twill & Grace kit web page.

Holly & Berry Tea Towels are the perfect seasonal touch for your or someone else’s kitchen. Kits are available in both regular 8/2 cotton and 8/2 cottolin.

Lots to choose from and everyone loves receiving a handwoven tea towel to brighten their kitchen or a set of placemats for their festive table!

Christmas Crackle Placemats

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: Crackle Weave
Material: 8/4 cotton and 8/2 cotton
Each kit makes: 8 Placemats and a short runner

Loom requirements:

4 shafts, 10 dent reed, weaving width: 16.2″

Twill & Grace Placemats

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: 4 shaft Twill
Material: 8/4 cotton & 8/2 cotton
Each kit makes: 8 Placemats plus
a wee bit more if you want a short runner

Loom requirements:

4 shafts, 12 dent reed, weaving width: 16.6″

Holly & Berry in Cotton or Cottolin

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: plain weave & (Atwater) Bronson Lace
Each kit makes: 4 tea towels

Loom requirements:

4 shafts, 12 dent reed, weaving width: 24″

School of Weaving

M’s & O’s goes on a Date with Huck and Colour and Weave!

These towels are a blend of ideas from one structure M’s & O’s with another – Huck and adding an overlay of Colour and Weave. You can learn more on how to influence M’s & O’s by using Huck theory at the School of Weaving in Season 7 Episode 9.

Watch the preview here!

Start your free 7-day trial!

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

Here to help

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October 24, 2023 newsletter

Flowers & Lattices

Rebecca Logan is a member of the School of Weaving’s Dream Team. She created this stunning, original design for Season 6 Episode 9 Block Analysis’ Show & Tell. Rebecca used 7 shafts for her beautiful design and if you have an 8-shaft loom, this Bronson Lace wrap and tea towel kit is the perfect project for you! Rebecca’s pattern has flower and lattice motifs in both the wrap and towels. She wove the wrap with our exclusive hand-dyed 20/2 Bombyx silk in Black Magic as the weft. The warp is a combination of 3 colours of 8/2 cotton in Black, Purple and Wine – a magical combination of colours to weave with. Using a skein of our luscious Bombyx Black Magic silk gives the wrap an elegant hand. We are delighted to be able to share it with our wider weaving community.

Project Specs
Weave structure: 7 shaft Bronson Lace
Kit weaves 5 towels and 1 wrap

Finished dimensions:
21” wide – 29 to 33” long – towels
22” wide – 72” long plus fringes – wrap
Warp: 8/2 cotton
Weft: 8/2 cotton towels – 20/2 Bombyx silk wrap

Abalone & Ebony

On with the theme of “1 warp/2 projects”…Abalone & Ebony also gives you an opportunity to weave off 3 tea towels and then weave a fabulous scarf using our beautiful 20/2 Bombyx Silk as the weft (sold separately). What a wonderful project to have on our looms as we see the “gifting” season approaching 😉 

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: 4 shaft Bronson Spot
Material: 8/2 cotton
Each kit makes: 3 Tea Towels & 1 Scarf (silk for scarf sold separately)

You will need to purchase 1 skein of 20/2 Bombyx silk for the scarf (not included in the kit). The colours used in the scarf were Ariel’s Voice, Starfish & Lime Light. You can choose 1, 2 or all of them for your scarf.

20/2 Bombyx Ariel’s Voice
20/2 Bombyx Starfish
20/2 Bombyx Lime Light

JST October Calendar Image

Fall is a wonderful time to be surrounded by soft colours, as rain and cooler temperatures mute the colours in our outside world. The perfect time of year to weave a project with the subdued colours of autumn. Get out your notebook and coloured pencils and see what you can design with these colours. The October Calendar image below features 4 of our 24 colours of 40/2 wet spun line linen. The soft and dreamy colours below are Flax, Olive, Lavender, and Hickory.

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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October 17, 2023 newsletter

Scarf Season is here!

Do you need an excuse to pamper yourself with a nice, cozy scarf? Well, how about…now that Fall has arrived, I need a tad of warmth around my neck. Or…I’ve always wanted to weave a scarf in Zephyr (wool/silk blend). Or…this pattern weaves 2 so I’ll have one left over to give as a gift 😉 Fill in the blank ______ and make up your justification 😉

Linda’s Scarves Kits

An all-time favourite kit at JST is Linda’s Turned Twill scarf. Linda fell in love with a scarf she had seen at Jane’s Studio. Soooo – she mentally noted the basics and went home to design her own take on it. Linda’s scarf is available in either a 4-shaft or 8-shaft kit.

Linda’s Scarf Kit using 4 shafts

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Weave structure: 2/2 Twill for 4 shafts
Material: Bambu 12 in Black & Sweet Corn
& Zephyr 50% silk/50% wool in Ebony and Pewter
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Loom requirements:
4-shafts, 8 or 12 dent reed, weaving width: 9 ¼

Linda’s Scarf Kit using 8 shafts

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: 2 block Turned Twill
Material: Bambu 12 in Black & Sweet Corn
& Zephyr 50% silk/50% wool in Steel and Suede
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Loom requirements:
8-shaft, 8-dent reed, weaving width: 9 ¼”

Michelle’s Scarf

Michelle designed this warm, cosy and delightful Turned Twill scarf after taking Jane’s Units, Blocks and Profiles workshop many years ago. This kit has also been a long-time favourite on the JST Online Shop. The colours and yarn Michelle chose to design her scarf will give you an elegant and cozy scarf to wear this winter.

Project Specs

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: 2 Block Turned Twill
Material: Zephyr Wool/Silk Blend in Marine Blue,
Royal and Iris
Each kit makes: 2 scarves
Finished Dimensions: 8.5″ X 65″ plus fringe

Loom requirements:
8 shafts, 8 or 12 dent reed
Weaving width: 10″

Huck Colour and Weave Scarves

Huck is such a pretty and versatile threading. We can move from creating the distinctive Huck “circles” that appear when weft floats alternate with Plain Weave to the full Huck Lace effect by alternating warp and weft floats throughout. Huck always pleases. These beautiful scarves were woven by Barbara Mitchell, one of our Dream Team members. In her words: ‘I dreamt of bringing this traditional weave forward into my wardrobe, in an updated way.’

Huck Lace Colour and Weave kits Winter Sunset and Dusty Roses weave 2 scarves each using our delightful Zephyr yarn.

Winter Sunset

Dusty Roses

Discontinuing Popsicle Bouclé Kit

Our Popsicle Bouclé Towel Kit was a limited edition variation for summer. Summer has now come to a close and we are looking to make room for more cozy scarves on our shelves. Once these kits are gone – they are really gone 😉 Get yours while they are still in stock!

From Our Inbox

It’s always a delight to receive a message from across the Pacific Ocean, so we were thrilled to hear from Karyn David who lives and weaves in a rural area of New Zealand. Kudos to her for learning to weave through the School of Weaving. She is now weaving on her newish Louet David lll. Your email made our day/week Karyn! Scroll down to see what Karyn has been weaving……

Hi Jane and team,

I’ve been a member of the online guild for a few years now. Most of what I know about weaving has come from Jane! This is such a wonderful resource – I live in a rural area of New Zealand with no weavers nearby, so being able to have a teacher in my studio with me whenever I want her is amazing!

When I wanted to “upgrade” my weaving loom from a 4 shaft table loom, I used the information in Jane’s videos to help me select my new loom. I settled on an 8-shaft Louet David III – which I love! There wasn’t one nearby for me to go and try, I simply trusted the information in the videos and placed the order. I’m so glad that I did! I’ve been weaving on it now for just over one year and have no regrets.

I have also enjoyed the weaving classes. I haven’t woven anything from the current season, and I don’t use Jane’s yarns (shipping from Canada to New Zealand makes this unrealistic). But, I have used similar yarns for projects where possible. I’m currently working with various silk yarns – 20/2 mulberry silk, hand-reeled mulberry silk, 60/2 eri silk, 60/2 muga silk and handspun tussah silk and am loving the colours and textures.

Thanks for your help Jane,
Karyn Davis

60/2 eri silk warp (indigo dyed) and predominantly 60/2 eri silk weft; on the left side there is a section of handspun tussah silk (has coffee coloured, elongated diamonds), hand reeled mulberry silk (has white, very square diamonds) and 60/2 muga silk (coffee coloured diamonds).

20/2 mulberry silk warp and weft – scarf

10/2 mercerised cotton warp and weft – huck lace baby blanket – I didn’t realise that the pattern was missing a section at the right hand end until it was hung at an exhibition!!

20/2 mulberry silk warp and weft – 8 shaft Turned Twill scarf

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on

Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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October 10, 2023 newsletter

Hygge Organic Cloud Cotton Blanket

We thought every big person (not just babies) should have their own special blanket. Hygge is that blanket! “Hygge, a Danish word about taking time away from the daily rush to be together with people you care about – or even by yourself – to relax and enjoy life’s quieter pleasures. The word hygge dates back to around 1800, at least in the meaning it has today.” From the great interweb …..  pronounced hyoo·guh 🙂

So here you go…..a blanket that will embrace you and bring joy to every moment you’re wrapped in it. Happy Weaving…….

Weave Structure: Plain Weave
Material: 2 cones of Organic Cloud Cotton
Each kit makes 1 blanket 39″ wide X 76″ long plus fringes

Loom requirement:
Shafts: 4
Reed: 8
Weaving width: 44 1/8″

Organic Cloud Cotton Replaces Monte Cristo

We’ve been wanting to have an organic fluffy cotton blanket yarn for a long time and wanted one that could come in different colours. We’ve found a wonderful source for the yarn and they are also willing to dye it. We thought we’d start with a neutral and asked for a grey sample. We loved it….. we ordered it and now have it in stock. As you know, the proof is in the pudding and ….. our pudding is the Hygge Blanket above. You can have second helpings of pudding! Because we are ordering in very large quantities, we are able to offer this yarn at an extremely good price. Try out our Organic Cloud Cotton in natural or grey and see for yourself.

Organic Cloud Cotton in Grey

Our Organic Cloud Cotton in grey is dyed exclusively for JST and cannot be found anywhere else!

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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October 4, 2023 newsletter

Majestic Maple Colourway

We were asked if our Tussah Majestic Maple could be dyed in 20/2 Bombyx & 30/2 Bombyx silk weights. Our dyer got busy with her dye pots and you can see the results below. A perfect opportunity to weave a scarf that will make you feel like fall is here and then wear it during the winter to keep those memories alive 😉

More Choices with Eco-Jeans!

To give you more variety weaving with this environmentally friendly yarn – we’ve added more colours to our Eco Jeans colour range. Now you can add Olive, Havanna, Black and Rush to your choice of colours when designing your next project with this fabulous yarn. These 4 colours come in 100-gram cones with 656 yards per cone.

From Our Inbox

Sometimes weavers need a bit of help…

Lisann (Elisabeth) from Maple Ridge wrote in looking for advice with the Cramming & Denting scarf she designed using our Eco Jeans yarns. She had made many variations of this pattern with great success but this time her selvedge threads kept breaking on one side. Lisann felt that this particular colour felt different than the others…a little softer perhaps, the spin wasn’t quite the same.

Lisann kindly sent us a photo of her beautiful scarf on the loom with the broken selvedge threads.

Jane replied below:

At this point, it is selvedgeable …. haha!

Occasionally you get a batch of yarn that’s not quite the same as others and if it’s on the selvedge…which takes so much more wear and tear than any other place in your warp….it will break.

You could first try to limit the draw-in on that side by leaving a higher angle in the weft before you beat, that can definitely help with selvedge breakage but, if it doesn’t, you might need to size your warp threads.

I take 1 tbsp of all-purpose flour and make a paste by adding water until it’s like runny glue. Then, I size the warp threads on the selvedge. I just use my fingers…wet your fingers and run them along the warp threads on either side of the castle. You can let it dry for a few minutes and then every time you advance your warp you will do that. As soon as you add it, the yarn gets stronger. Once the scarf comes off the loom and you wet finish, it all disappears and you’d never know it was there.

I had to do this on an Alpaca warp not long ago….it was just one colour. In India, they soak rice in water and do the same thing. 🙂


Thank you! I knew you’d know what to do. And yes, I feel much more hopeful – I have pasted and sized and all seems to be holding together so far. And I had a lovely memory of what my hands felt like after making play doh with my kids years ago…. 🙂

Jane was happy that Lisann was able to work it out:
Yay flour and water!
So hi tech!

Lisann sent us a photo and the best quote:

Just off the loom with nary a broken thread after sizing. Thank you so much for your help! I see so many life lessons in my weaving practice, and I think this one is:  When the stresses of life threaten to pull us apart, a few carbs can help us keep it all together. 😉

Lisann’s finished stunning scarf!

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship.

Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on

Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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September 26, 2023 newsletter

Add your own touch to these downloadable patterns!

We can’t pretend anymore that the last day of Summer is solidly behind us! Now that we are seeing the end of September, we thought that you and/or your Guild might be looking for inspiration for a tea towel exchange or weaving Christmas gifts. This week we are featuring our $10 patterns, the ones that aren’t in kits, so you can change the colours and add your own personal colour palette to the items you want to weave 😉

Mavis’ Monk’s Belt & Basket Weave Scarves

Have you been dreaming about creating a beautiful scarf or two in the near future? The Mavis’ Monk’s Belt & Basket Weave Scarves pattern comes in both versions in the downloadable pattern. You get to pick the one that appeals to you or weave both, and you are all set for seasonal Guild or craft sales and/or gift-giving. 

Garnet & Ginger
woven with

Zephyr (wool/silk) in Garnet
12 gauge Bambu Ginger

Zephyr (wool/silk) in Chartreuse
20/2 Bombyx Silk in Salt Spring Sky

JST Tea Towel Patterns

One of our favourite things we get to weave is a tea towel warp. We are offering a downloadable selection of different towel patterns. Tea towels are always a popular item at Guild Sales and seasonal craft sales. Or put a warp on your loom and weave off a gift for everyone in your extended family! 

Harvest Splendour Tea Towels

These towels use our lovely Venne 8/2 Organic cotton in an array of beautiful fall colours. What better combination of Mother Nature and organic yarns.

Undulating Twill Tea Towels

This 8-shaft Twill towel woven by Sharon Broadley was first seen on the All About Stripes episode. We had lots of requests and Sharon shared her pattern with us!

Spring Has Sprung Tea Towels

Great for the beginner weaver! Weave 8 towels in plain weave using 8/2 cotton in a colourful array of greens with a touch of Raspberry.

Kiki’s Swedish Lace Tea Towels

These classic towels were designed by Kiki for the Swedish Lace Show & Tell. She used Fibonacci numerical series to come up with her wonderful graphic placement of the blocks.

Jane’s Favourite Organic Tea Towels

Jane’s Favourite Organic towels were designed after her trip to India where she was surrounded by an amazing palate of colours. The pattern uses Venne’s Organic 8/2 cotton but you can use any 8/2 cotton to weave these 4 towels.

Cornucopia Tea Towels

Another favourite pattern using Venne’s Organic Cotton in Bright Pink, Flaming Red, Orange & Havana. These towels will bring life to any kitchen!

JST Blanket Patterns

Mohair Blankets

Here’s an opportunity to weave a mohair blankie and change up the colours before you order your yarn. This way you can create a blankie in your favourite colours or…someone special’s happy colours 😉 If you already have a stash of mohair – then do your “wrap the ruler” test to check on the sett that you would need for your personal project. If you don’t … have a lot of fun choosing your personal colour choices from the 32 colours of the fabulous mohair we carry! 

Spring Stripes Mohair Blankie
click here to purchase Spring Stripes

Three Stripe Mohair Blankie
click here to purchase Three Stripe

These pattern have instructions to weave one mohair throw with finished dimensions 41” x 74” plus fringes. The patterns include instructions for warping with sticky threads front to back, threading, weaving & finishing.

Whole Lotta Huggin’ Blanket

Do you want to weave a blanket but not in mohair? Then the Whole Lotta Huggin’ is the blanket pattern for you! It’s woven in our reasonably priced Quebecoise 2-ply wool. Quebecoise comes in a wide range of colours you can choose from – should you wish to get creative with the colours in your blankie. The bonus of this blanket warp is that you’ll end up with 3 blankets – 2 that you can sell and 1 that you can keep so you and your family are cozy this coming winter.

Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Weave structure: Plain Weave
Finished Dimensions : 39″ X 75-78″ plus fringes

Purchase Quebecoise 2-ply wool here

In Case You Missed It

School of Weaving

Turned Taquete Lesson

Our latest episode aired last Thursday! This is a great episode that will help you get blocks that look close to Turned Twill on just 4 shafts. Turned Taquete is a wee marvel with a straight draw threading and the ability to manipulate 2 blocks on 4 shafts.

This episode will teach you all you need to know so you can weave this exciting variety of tea towels. It’s hard to believe they are all off the same warp! That’s the magic of Turned Taquete!

You can buy the full kit here. Kit includes all the yarns needed plus the weaving instructions (including draft) to follow along with the videos.

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