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March 29, 2022 newsletter

Whole Lotta Huggin’

Three blankets in one kit!

Our wonderful Sharon Broadley, @colourwoven on Instagram, designed these gorgeous blankets for the special people in her life that needed a hug. Once again, she has nailed it….so drapey and cuddly, with perfect, simple, elegant graphics. I am always so happy to share her projects. Sharon wove these lovely blankets out of Québécoise 100% Wool, which is a yarn that is durable, washable and softens with brushing!

 And … they are now available as a kit!

The first blanket is woven with repeats of Natural Greys with Turquoise and Cypress Green stripes.

The second blanket is woven using 1-inch stripes.

The third blanket has 3-inch squares of Natural Grey with stripe repeats of Olive Green & Cypress Green.

Last of our Old Tussah Line

The semi-bleached Tussah we use for our hand-dyed 20/2 Tussah line has been discontinued through our supplier. These skeins are the last colours available using this particular Tussah. Once they are gone, we will be out of stock of hand-dyed Tussah for a couple of months while our dyer re-dyes the entire Tussah line using bleached Tussah. The new colours will be more vibrant and very similar to our hand-dyed Bombyx silk line. All of our silks are hand-dyed right here on Salt Spring Island.

Our 20/2 Bombyx & 30/2 Bombyx remains the same and our shelves are well stocked!

3/2 Organic Cotton Now Available in 1 lb cones!

From Our Inbox

We love receiving photos of your weaving projects. When Janet sent us this photo of the beautiful blanket she wove for a friend’s mother, who loves pink, we just had to share. We asked her to write a little blurb about her experience weaving with mohair. Fabulous job, Janet!

Do you talk to your warp yarn? Maybe I do that when I’m frustrated or when it seems like the threads are breaking due to some unknown force. But generally, I’m pretty quiet with them…until I started my first mohair blanket.

The threads are so lovely—soft as a kitten and diaphanous as a cloud—but they also have a wicked sense of sticking together. Just off the warping mill, they looked innocent enough. I spread them through the raddle and pulled them to separate as Jane teaches us. I lost one in the forest of fiber but it worked out by the time I tied it onto the front beam. Perhaps the best lesson was about splicing within the main fabric because the threads stick together. So, the stickiness can be a plus.

Once I got that, I started talking with them and letting them know I appreciate them for being both soft and sticky, good and tricky. We came to an understanding. You must raise one harness at a time to let them move, and occasionally they gang together around the heddles, but are fine if you gently separate them. Fulling and brushing are absolutely the best part. The halo that develops blends the colors like watercolor and reminds us that softness is queen. I don’t know if I’ll keep that level of conversation with future warps but I know that the second mohair blanket is about to go on the loom.

f you are a subscriber to School of Weaving and would like to weave a mohair blanket, we have a whole episode on weaving with this lovely but sticky yarn. Jane has woven hundreds of mohair blankets over the years and she shares all of her tips and tricks with us in Season 1 Episode 9 – Making a Mohair Blankie… Yes!

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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March 22, 2022 newsletter

Lavender Lace Scarf Kit

I love linen 🙂 It’s such an amazing yarn to weave. Linen comes with a bonus – it’s cool and comfortable to wear and actually improves by getting softer the more it’s worn. I also love the fact that linen is plant-based and has such an incredibly long history of human use – at least 36,000 years and counting! You could branch out and make this Lavender Lace Scarf Kit your own by choosing to weave the scarves in your favourite colour and/or change the Canvas Weave threading to a colour that makes this structure the star of the cloth. Maybe this wee article from the Knowledge Base – Colour in Lace Weaving – will help you plan a scarf or two that are uniquely yours!

You can make this kit in any colour you would like! Simply, put the Lavender Lace Linen Kit into your cart. Then, use the checkout screen in the “notes” section to let us know what linen colour or colours you would like to use for your scarf!

Fulford Mist Linen & Silk Scarf Kit

Our Fulford Mist scarves combine the crispness of linen with the softness and sheen of silk – letting the qualities of both yarns share the stage in two luxurious scarves. These scarves are wonderful to wear at this time of year and will give you a nice, bright “spring” look for Easter.

Still not subscribed to School of Weaving?

A few testimonial posted on our apps

This has changed my life when it comes to learning to weave! The app is great and the instruction is very well done. Thank Jane and all your staff!! I recommend this to everyone interested in weaving. Terri, Aug 27, 2021

Highly recommended! Jane is such a great teacher! I love her School of Weaving channel on Roku! She is highly skilled, very personable, has a wonderful sense of humor, and explains everything in detail. The pace of instruction is good (not too fast for a novice weaver and not boring, either). Each lesson builds upon previous lessons in a practical sequence. Thank you, Jane and your team! Love, Joy and Blessings to all! 🙏 Celia, February 19, 2022

If you are thinking about it DO IT!
If I could give more than 5 stars I would. From the quality comprehensiveness of the instructions to the great filming. The only thing better is if I could teletransport myself to Canada and be there in person. I love that you can stop and revisit challenging tasks over and over again and search for issues by keyword. I also love that the program is project based wherein you learn so much without having to blabber and overthink while just having fun. Top notch instructions! danielvanalstine, 02/20/2022

I’ve been weaving since 1980. I thought I knew how to do it all except for some structures I hadn’t tried yet. What could I learn?
As it turns out, everything! I don’t do anything the way I was taught “back then”. My weaving, thanks to Jane, is ten-fold more efficient, less problematic, more adventurous and, just all around better. I even stopped hating the warping process. Thank you Jane! Deb -ASC , 12/27/2021

You can watch us on
Roku android androidtv AppleTV iPhone fireTV

Ask Jane

Since we’ve been talking about changing colours for the above Lavender Lace Linen Scarf Kit – we thought you might like to refresh what we have already learned from Jane about colour. Sometimes choosing different colours, or changing them, makes us a wee bit nervous – so read Design for Weavers: Colour Theory & Practice to understand the how’s and why’s of colours working happily together.

Here to Help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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March 15, 2022 newsletter

Basket Weaving

Open Twined Pouch

Baskets make me think of spring – and Joan Carrigan’s video on weaving Open Twined Pouches has me thinking about the many ways these lovely pouches could be used – holding bobbins, shuttles, measuring tape from your loom – pop into mind. These are one of my favourite baskets because of the variety of shapes you can create…..and they don’t all have to hold garlic, even though that was the first use I put them to 😉

In the video below, Joan and I weave these delightful small pouches. The material provided with the Open Twined Garlic Basket provides you with enough material to make several of these delightful pouches. Just follow us in the video below to make your own!

Open Twined Garlic Basketf

If you want to try weaving a basket – we have a kit! The Open Weave Garlic Basket is woven with regular twining using rattan reed. This kit includes material for 3 baskets –  3 sets of spokes and 3 sets of weavers in a variety of natural and dyed colours for you to mix and match. And, they can be used to hold lots of different treasures. The free video takes you through the process of building your own – the video below was filmed for School of Weaving’s Season 2: Episode 9. You can use your own material or buy the kit, which also includes the written instructions.

Follow Joan

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and give her a follow on Vimeo to learn of upcoming releases

From our Old Forum

A few baskets posted from the Online Guild Discussion Forum.
These lovely baskets were woven by Karen, Sharon, Barbara & Wendy.

Access our old forum anytime right here to view past posts.
If you’d like to read the new School of Weaving forum click here.
To post on the new forum, you must be a subscriber to School of Weaving.

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Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and

on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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March 8, 2022 newsletter

Abalone and Ebony Tea Towel & Scarf Kit

Treat yourself to a project that will have you mentally wandering a west coast beach. Something catches your eye; you pick it up, turn it over, see the beautiful colours of abalone sparkling up at you hidden inside a clamshell. Look closer and you will see that it’s framed by the ebony black of the outside of the shell. As you know, I love anything that is nicely framed.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: 4 shaft Bronson Spot
Material: 8/2 cotton
Each kit makes: 3 Tea Towels & 1 Scarf
(silk for scarf sold separately)

Close-up look at the patterning

Log Cabin squares framed with black & white dividers.
Squares have 4 quadrants with a background of Log Cabin.
Lace unit profile while alternating two colours.
The scarf is woven exclusively with JST’s hand-dyed 20/2 silks

Ganges Sunrise Scarf Kit

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Weave structure: 1/3, 3/1 Twill Weave
Material: 30/2 Bombyx Silk 40/2 linen
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Season 6 Episode 2, 8 Shaft Twill Block and Tie-up Quadrants

Back in stock! All the yarns needed to follow along with Season 6 Episode 2 of School of Weaving.

If you have downloaded the PDF for 8 Shaft Twill Block and Tie-up Quadrants, we have updated the pattern for towel #7, you may want to download it again 🙂

School of Weaving Forum

Have you dropped into the School of Weaving Forum lately? There is always a lot of chatter happening there – questions asked and answered, insight into how other weavers have solved a problem or created their own cloth. Join us and let us know “What’s on YOUR Loom” – by posting your story and photos to a new thread we’ve added to the Forum.

From our Inbox

I first met Darlene well over 10 years ago when she travelled from Alberta to Salt Spring for our in-house retreats. She reminisced “I was in awe of all the towels hanging in the studio – wondering if I would ever have something worthy of being there.🌻” 

Well, my goodness…you’re doing it Darlene 🙂

Darlene has been exploring ideas around Turned Twill. She had come up with a lovely pattern where she threaded 2 A units alternating with 2 B units across the warp. Then she saw our JST African Violet Bouclé Towel Kit. She was inspired by the graphic & colour but wanted to change it up a bit and make them using 8/2 cotton in Navy, Nile Green, Pale Limette and Magenta. She kept the graphic and colours from the kit but overlaid them with her Block Twill pattern that was tied up for broken twill also known as false damask. Note: A units were threaded 1,2,3,4 – B units were threaded 5,6,7,8. The magenta dividers were threaded as 1 unit of A and B threaded in a broken twill.
I particularly love the 2 dark/1 light colour & weave sequence that Darlene used in the wide section on the right.
All these great ideas coming together in a new way. It is so wonderful to see where inspiration takes others. They are fabulous! Way to go Darlene! Thank you so much for sharing!

We love to receive your pictures 🙂 and you can share what’s on YOUR loom with us anytime at

Our towel wall from 2010 with my trusty old adding machine 🙂

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March 1st, 2022 newsletter

65788572 – isolated border on white with copy space of fresh red and orange spring tulips with green leaves

Back in Stock Feature

It’s so disappointing to find the weaving kit you want, or that the particular colour of yarn you have so carefully chosen for a project, is out of stock at JST. We have found a way to let you know when your item is available again. Simply add your email address to our ‘Want to be notified when this product is back in stock?’ on the product page and we’ll let you know when we’ve restocked our shelves! Easy Peasy 🙂

A splash of Spring colours for your loom?

We’ve just had a reminder that winter is still around on the west coast, with overnight temperatures well below freezing. We were sooo close to feeling like spring was almost here with our crocuses starting to show their colours – purple, white and yellow. So, while the feeling of spring quickly disappeared outside … we can bring it inside and still feel its promise on our looms.

Huckleberry Waffle Tea Towel Kit – Spring Colours

Not Enough Green for Grant

Ask Jane

Not sure how to read a weaving draft?

Jane explains all the basics and clears up any confusion

Download a 4 shaft blank draft and an 8 shaft blank draft.

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and

on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.