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Archives by Month: April 2018

April 2018 Newsletter

The Great Arbitrary Cottolin & Organic Cotton Sale In the interests of transparency, I’ll outline what’s about to happen here: I’m going to create what is known in marketing as a “sense of urgency” or “sense of scarcity”, here goes… We are having a 15% sale on all cottolin and 8/2 organic cotton that’s wound on old-style cones. That’s […]

March 2018 Newsletter

The Great Canadian Euroflax Sale of 2018 Our hearts are broken here at JST because 14/2 Euroflax will no longer be stocked by Louet. Boo Louet! We’re going to turn that frown upside down and find a new linen supplier but in order to buy a whole new line we need to sell the old […]