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July 2017 Newsletter

Louet loom sale ends July 31st

Our Louet loom sale ends July 31st 2017. All our Louet looms (but not Louet accessories) have a 5% discount. Treat yourself to a Louet Jane Loom, or really push the boat out and grab yourself your dream loom. You really can’t go wrong with a Louet Spring Loom.

Due to high demand, delivery may be anywhere between mid-September through November, depending upon when you place your order. Please remember these looms are crafted by hand in The Netherlands.

Let me at the Louet looms!

New brushed mohair colours

New brushed mohair colours have arrived!

Get cracking now on these new autumnal flavours in preparation for the fall: Brown, Butterscotch, Light brown and Mink.

Or why not unleash your inner demon with the fiery Diablo?

I really can’t decide – show me them all!

JST Online Guild – Episode 7 – All About Yarn

We’re bringing forward the next release of the Online Guild to Aug 1st.

This episode is about yarn construction, the count system, cotton, linen, silk and wool.

To celebrate this episode we’re offering 10% off all our yarns to members of our Online Guild for the entire month of August 2017. Make sure to be logged in before you get to the checkout to see the 10% discount.

Please note that the August 2017 yarn sale is only for Online Guild members. You must be logged into the Online Guild to see the discount.

The story so far…

Here’s the episodes that we’ve released so far:

  • Episode 1: The importance of making a good warp – on a warping board, on a table top warping mill, on a big floor model, tying the cross, counting your ends and keeping track, chaining
  • Episode 2: Warping a loom back to front – placement of the raddle, spreading your warp, beaming it, threading it, sleying it, and tying it on
  • Episode 3: Proper posture at the loom – winding a good bobbin, shuttle handling, throw beat change beater back, mending a broken warp thread, selvedges, hemstitching, a brand spanking new weaver
  • Episode 4: It’s time we had a little chat about Sett – wrapping a ruler for PW, wrapping a ruler for twill, introduction to master sett chart with samples, we now have a canvas
  • Episode 5: Project Planning 101….putting it all together – on your canvas, how long, how wide, how much, what do all those numbers mean, Sheesh!
  • Episode 6: Division of Space – Fibonacci the man of my dreams, broad strokes and the big picture, fine tuning the details

Join now to get all the episodes that we’ve released so far, plus a further 10 episodes throughout your year’s subscription, and 10% discount on all our yarn during August 2017.

As a taster, here’s a sample from Episode 7 Our Hand Dyed Silks with Cheryl, our intrepid hand dyer.

Replenished 8/2 cotton range

Our 8/2 cotton range has been replenished. It’s not quite at full complement yet and a further delivery is expected in the third week of August. The long delays have been caused by our supplier falling victim to a dead dying device – how’s that for alliteration?

If you happen to be on Salt Spring Island, do drop in to see us. We’ve got lots of new Maiwa clothes just in. We’re open Mon-Sat 10-4 throughout the summer.