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Workshop Schedule 2015

2015 Workshop Schedules


It’s that time of year again when we put together our offerings for the new year.

Check out the 2015 schedule here.

We have also updated our Cancellation Policy here.

We have one more offering for 2014

Fiberworks PCW Workshop with Bob Keates

November 24-25, 2014
Cost: $250, includes lunch

If you have Fiberworks PCW or are thinking about purchasing a weaving software program, here is your chance to learn from the co-creator of Fiberworks, Bob Keates. If you already understand the basics of weaving drafts, Fiberworks is a weaving program for Mac or Windows that will liberate your creative instincts, giving you a variety of aids that simplify the design process. Participants who do not currently have Fiberworks will be provided with a demo version of the program for use during the class.

We will cover the basics of drafting threading, tieup and treadling, and how to use color and variable thread thickness to help visualize your end result. We will look at the features of the program that help speed up the drafting process.  We will examine the theory of profile drafts and how to use block substitution to turn a design layout into reality by adding different weave structures.

Attention Jane Loom Owners

Louet is now providing deeper rollers to correct the problem of the harness cords popping out of the existing rollers. Please drop me an email with your full mailing address and I will pass it on to Louet and they will send you new rollers.




This newsletter has been short and sweet, but we promise our next newsletter will be full of juicy tidbits.

I have been saving photos of fabulous work sent in by students and customers and we’ll share some of them with you. I also wanted to leave you with this lovely image below. During one of the retreats, I gave a slide show on India and showed how beautiful designs are drawn in rice flour in front of entrance ways -the most beautiful welcome mats you’ve ever seen. On the last day of class, I came to the studio and they had drawn me a welcome mat using rice flour. I must say, I felt much love.