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Looming on the Horizon for 2013

Workshop and Retreat Schedule

We are pleased to announce that the 2013 Retreat and Workshop Schedule is now online. Even before we were able to get the schedule finished we had weavers booking spaces. It is so rewarding to know that we are providing such a valued experience to weavers, spinners and basket makers.

This year we are offering many of our most sought after workshops. Workshops that provide a solid base for weavers. Colour and Design, Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave, Twills on 4, Lacey Places, Units Blocks and Profiles.


Our workshops done in this order will turn any weaver into a competent designer, capable of reading any pattern but more importantly capable of designing their own work.

It has always been my goal to offer weavers the keys to design so they can access their own creativity.

We like to keep our classes small so that the learning experience is BIG. When you come to one of our weaving retreats you walk into a studio with fully dressed looms just waiting for the shuttle to be thrown. Mornings are always spent learning the theory of the subject being presented, while afternoons (and evenings if you wish) are spent weaving.


Deluxe Weaving Retreats

Over the years I have often heard these words “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just come here and just weave for a week, not samples but finished pieces…that would be the perfect holiday”. Well, this year we are offering 2 deluxe weavers holidays where you can do just that. But it gets even better. Most weavers love cooking so Rosemary and I are joining forces to offer weaving in the morning and cooking in the afternoon. Rosemary and I are still working on the full course description which will be ready in another week. I can give you a hint: You will be weaving one mohair blanket, one silk scarf, one cashmere scarf, one soft cuddly baby blanket or cotton throw if you don’t like babies and an heirloom linen towel. Plus you’ll get your own mini cook book filled with all of JST’s favourite recipes.

Spinning and Basketry

Over the past year we added 2 Spinning Workshops taught by Cheryl Huseby-Wiebe and Basketry with Joan Carrigan.  They were such a success we are offering even more Basketry and Spinning workshops in 2013.  Check out the schedule for those.

Food and Farmstay

I believe that every perfect day is accompanied with perfect food which is where our small hobby farm comes in handy. This past year we have been so blessed to have had our retreat meals prepared by our very own chef, Rosemary Harbrecht.  Not only do you indulge your textile senses but you also indulge your palette.

Farmstay is currently only available for weaving retreats.  For Basketry and Spinning workshops we recommend staying at Green Acres Resort which is only a 5 minute walk from the studio.

We hope you like our offerings for 2013.  To register all you have to do is give us a call at 250-537-9468 or send us an email:

Here is the link to our Retreats page.