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September Newsletter

EXTRA EXTRA! Read all about it!

Workshops for Beginners and those who need Refreshing!

Here is your chance to spend a day or three learning some great weaving basics.

On Salt Spring

In October, we’ve got three consecutive 1 day workshops: Honing Your Basic Weaving Skills; Project Planning 101 and Warping with Sticky Threads.
You can pick one, two or take all three.

WHERE: Jane Stafford Textiles Studio, 142 Richard Flack Rd., Salt Spring Island

TIME: 9-4

COST: $100.00/day Includes HST (yum yum!), lunch, coffee, tea and goodies.


or email

October 5: Honing Your Basic Weaving Skills. Do you dread dressing your loom? Do you have trouble with tension and selvedges? Then come spend a day and learn to take control! Become a dominatrix in yor own studio! We will cover warping back-to-front, selvedges, bobbin-winding techniques, shuttle-throwing, proper posture and other exciting tidbits.

October 6: Project Planning 101 Is the mathematics of weaving contributing to our alcohol consumption? Come detox with Jane. We will look at warp and weft calculations, planning yardage requirements, configuring warp ends for a given draft and basic draft reading. Don’t be scared …. we’ll simplify the process.

October 7: Warping with Sticky Threads (aka tyeing one on!). This seminar has had great reviews from weavers who have had difficulty dressing their looms with sticky yarns such as mohair or highly textured yarns. We will review basic warping techniques and then Jane will demonstrate dressing a loom with a 100% Brushed Mohair warp and provide all the weaving techniques she has learned after weaving thousands of Mohair Blankets. Weaving with these yarns is very easy and enjoyable when you know the tricks. Each participant will receive a step-by-step instruction sheet with illustrations.

In Vancouver!

Jane will be bringing Honing Your Basic Weaving Skills to Vancouver! For all you Lower Mainland weavers you don’t have to take the ferry to learn how to make a great warp, dress a great loom, have great selvedges and tension, etc.


WHERE: Kanata Co-operative Community Building, 7155 Blake Street, Vancouver

TIME: 9-4

COST: $100.00 Includes HST (yum yum!), lunch, coffee, tea and goodies.

or email

Click link for a Map to Kanata Co-Operative.

Last Retreat at JST for 2011

Also, just a little reminder that we have 2 spots available in our Collapse Weave workshop November 7-11.

Our Much Anticipated 2012 Workshop Schedule will be coming out in Early October! Watch for the October Newsletter!

Remember, we are always here to help :^)

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