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A Colour and Design Fiesta

Last week from Monday through Thursday six lovely ladies descended upon my studio to focus on colour and design theory. 2 were from Salt Spring, 1 from Cedar, 2 from Victoria and 1 dragged 4/5ths of her family from Calgary. Over the four days the girls wove seven different samples out of one style of yarn all in plain weave. The samples were colour gamps, a colour and weave gamp, studies in asymmetry, stripes, gradation, analogous colour harmonies, numerical systems – all created as tools to support the lectures. We tore magazines apart and honed our skills of observing. Toni walked in the woods collecting inspiration and now sees the world as a giant grid waiting for colours to be poured into. We shared meals and life stories, laughed and cried and created fond memories on so many levels. This was the first workshop where three of the students stayed and did the B&B thing. We all helped prepare meals and being together in the evenings deepened our bonds.

On our last evening we went to town for a great dinner and then headed back to Annie’s house for a ceremonial “cutting a dog off the loom event”. Anne had at that moment a warp that had been on her loom for 8 years.
Due to life’s assaults she had left her loom for quite awhile. We cut that warp off and cleaned the slate for new creations. It was a perfect way to end our week.

On Friday I was definitely tired, but also exhilarated with a magical energy.

Thank-you to Sasha, Mary-Anne, Toni, Sandra, Annie and Susan for such a wonderful experience.

Happy Weaving,