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Travelling to Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is accessed by ferry from both Vancouver via the Tsawassen Terminal or Victoria via the Swartz Bay Terminal.

You are more than welcome to drive yourself to the retreat, or, if you are flying for example, we are more than happy to pick you up. The closest airport is Victoria International Airport. From there, it is a short taxi ride to the Swartz Bay Terminal and I can pick you up upon your arrival on Salt Spring (Fulford Harbour). There are also sea plane options such as SeaAir, which arrive into Ganges harbour.

Please make your travel arrangements so you will arrive the Sunday before the retreat. We finish class the following Friday at 2:30pm and someone will be available to drop you off at either the Vancouver or Victoria ferry. Most of them depart after 3pm.

Oh, and while you are making your travel arrangements, don’t forget that there is no public transportation on the island to speak of. Many of our guests do not have their own vehicles while they are here and prefer to truly relax. However if you need to get around for whatever reason, please either rent a vehicle or bring your own.

Accommodation ~ Staying on Salt Spring Island

It’s said that there is something for everyone here on Salt Spring Island. Accommodations are no exception! From forest yurts to a converted bus to five star hotels to a cozy B&B, there are many different types of accommodations on Salt Spring Island.

Below are some links to these options:

Bed and Breakfasts

For more information go to Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce

There is very limited public transportation on Salt Spring, so you will need a vehicle or a rental.