Weaving Linen on a Jack Loom

Below, you will find a response from Jane to the JST Online Guild to a concern about weaving with linen on a Jack Loom.  We thought it might be helpful to others looking for information on weaving with linen.   I hope I haven’t caused any anxiety about using linen…I really want you to try […]

Mohair using Sectional Warping System?

Have you ever tried sectional warping with mohair? I have never used a sectional for mohair simply because of the tension box. I have a Leclerc tension box and the reed would have to be replaced in it. The tensioning over and under the dowels is just like using lease sticks and lease sticks and […]

Fringes on mohair blankies????

I have a mohair question.  I have FINALLY finished the mohair blanket I started almost a year ago (yes, life got in the way). I took it off the loom last night and I absolutely love it.  Now it’s time to full it which I will do in our front load washing machine, using Ravelry’s tonigatland […]

Weaving with linen and silk

Just did a dumb thing…. I am weaving a scarf in the herringbone variation in M Davison’ s book using Tussah silk in the weft and organic cotton in the warp.  I took, what I thought was the organic cotton from my shelf and discovered, when I ran out on my warping board, that I […]

Hemstitching on a mohair throw

I have a question about weaving a mohair throw.  I’m a new weaver.  Looking at an older mohair throw purchased close to 40 years ago, I don’t see any hem stitching at the beginning or end of the blanket by the fringe on the warp ends.  Do you recommend doing a hem stitch at the […]

Weaving with a sticky warp

I’m trying to use a rough single spun Himilayan silk in my warp, but its really grabby.  Is there anything you can suggest that I could apply to the warp  threads to make it a little less sticky? There are two things that come to mind. #1.  Make sure your lease sticks are out. #2.  […]

Worms in my cotton chenille blanket

I am a beginner weaver and I just finished a cotton chenille blanket.  Unfortunately after a very gentle wash (no spin).  And drying the blanket wormed – badly!  I’ve ironed and blocked it as best I could but ……….. Not sure what to do about the worms. Is it fixable? That is a real shame.  […]

Weaving with 20/2 silk

I’m planning to weave a scarf out of hand dyed 20/2 silk (weft and warp).  Should I plan to warp it at 20 epi? If you are weaving plain weave and you want a delicate fabric I would sett it at 20 epi.  If you want is to be a sturdy plain weave sett it […]

Fulling mohair in a front loading washing machine

I would like to full mohair blankets in my front loader washing machine. Is there a procedure for this? The following is the discussion that took place on JST Ravelry Group on this topic. Jane: I have fulled 100’s of mohair blankets in my top loader but I have never done one in a front […]

Reed density for fine yarn

Hello Jane, you were very helpful last year when I was researching the Louet Spring loom.  I finally purchased it, and I am delighted with the way it works.  I now have a question regarding reed density. My intention is to weave yardage fine enough for garments, which I could not do easily on my […]