Tie-ups on sinking shed versus rising shed looms

I am presently doing a boundweave project and having trouble with the tieup.  My loom is a jack loom (Artisat) and I am presently using standard tieup but when talking about sinking sheds, they should go down, mine don’t, they just stay in place.  When I press 1-2 – they go up but the rest don’t […]

Back to Front vs Front to Back – a wee conversation

There are many choices in life: The Beatles or The Stones, plain chocolate or milk chocolate. Then there’s the really pressing question of our time: Back to Front or Front to Back? It’s a question Sarah threw into the mix on Weave with Jane Stafford on Ravelry: Would you mind talking about pros and cons for warping back-to-front […]

Warping Jane’s Way

I have attached a basic document here that will help you with a multitude of warping questions. It’s a document that makes up a part of a workshop that we hold here at JST called “Honing Your Basic Weaving Skills” and it walks you through the process of making a warp, and warping your loom […]

Raddle? Sectional? A discussion on warping methods and tips

Congratulations on your Delta.   I do stand at the side and step on the brake pedal to wind on the warp but then go to the back to pull down on the paper and then to the front to give the warp a tug every few turns. In regards to your rod you need to […]

Making a repair heddle

Yikes.  I have a mis-threading.  Any suggestions for a repair heddle besides “make one out of string”?  For my metal heddle looms I used to have clip on metal repair heddles but, obviously, that won’t work for the Little David. I will try to explain this with words…hope it works. Take a length of string […]

Help! Do I have to throw my warp away???

I am making a blanket out of the Shadow Weave Shawls in Bamboo pattern in Issue 158 page 38. I think I misunderstood the directions when I threaded the loom.  Using an 8 dent reed I threaded two of white Eco Andean DK Wool (22 stitches on 4mm needle, roughly 16epi) in every other dent […]

Sleying the reed

I can’t figure out whether to sley the reed from the centre point out or from left to right.  I’ve gone through the help topics and while I’m sure the answer is there I can’t find it.  I do not sley from centre out…I find that very confusing.  Because I am right handed I sley […]

Choke ties on my warp?

I am about to take delivery of my Louet Spring (12 shaft) and was thrilled to have the opportunity to watch the warping video you did for Louet on this loom.  I suspect I will be studying it again next week once the loom is set up. In the meantime I have a question concerning […]

Chaining my warp

When I chain the warp off my warping board it quickly becomes twisted as I chain. I think choke ties would help. But you don’t use them. What am I doing wrong? Don’t worry about it. It’s not a real twist like you put in a yarn, it is more of a spiral and it […]

Combining Boucle and 8/2 or 8/4 Cotton

I have a sett question.  I am going to weave a bath towel.  I want to use cotton boucle for the weft and cotton for the warp.  I want to weave as wide as I can on a 36″ loom so I am thinking of weaving a 2/2 twill pattern.  My question is, which cotton […]