Weaving with mohair in a Turned Twill

I’ve been searching on the web for tips re a sticky mohair warp which is driving me nuts! You look like an expert on this.  The loom is threaded up with a turned twill draft on 16 shafts at 8epi so there is just enough space between ends to allow the beater to move!  Unfortunately […]

Warp stripes more dominant than the weft stripes in Plainweave – why?

I am a member of a weaving study group in Halifax.  Our members took Jane’s Colour and Design workshop held in Halifax.  When studying our design samples, we noticed (specifically in the plain weave asymmetrical design) that the warp stripes were more dominant than the weft stripes.  Why?  Would the same thing happen in a […]

Is my twill balanced?

From my notes on your terrific twills workshop, determining epi is clear, however I am not sure about ppi.   You say twill needs 45 degrees for drape, but how do I know when my ppi is balanced…. I always look for the “little square spaces” for plain weave, but does that apply to twill? The […]

Treadle tie-up on a 4 and 8 shaft loom

I have some questions about the treadle tie-up process, and how the 10 treadles might come into play.  I have only had 4 shaft looms, so using 8/10 treadles feels quite different to me.  Once I pick my pattern, get the threading going and then the tie-up, it will probably be much clearer.  If not, […]

How much weft yardage do I need?

Is there a formula for calculating yardage required for the balanced twill weft? I use a quick short cut for figuring out weft yardage requirements for any balanced fabric, but it has to be balanced or pretty darned close.   Here is a scenario: 10 epi x10″ wide = 100 warp ends Let’s say your […]

8 shaft twill tie-ups

I’ve tried finding a tie-up for an 8 shaft twill, I’ve tried figuring out my own (disaster) and need help.  If I’d had any sense I’d have just tied up a 4 shaft twill, but rethreading the heddles and re-sleying is not an option I’m prepared to take at this stage.  Help! 8 shaft twill […]

Floating selvedge

When should you use a selvedge? I’m assuming you mean a floating selvedge. I only use them with twill and basket weave. I don’t use them with plain weave.

Undulating Twill

I’m weaving a blanket for my husband. The set is 10 epi and I’m beating it as firm as possible to get about 16 ppi. I’m concerned about the end fabric though. The weave seems uniform and firm when I first do it but as it winds around the front of the loom, there are […]