Making a repair heddle

Yikes.  I have a mis-threading.  Any suggestions for a repair heddle besides “make one out of string”?  For my metal heddle looms I used to have clip on metal repair heddles but, obviously, that won’t work for the Little David. I will try to explain this with words…hope it works. Take a length of string […]

The lower shed on my has no tension while the upper shed is fine

All the lower part of the sheds on my newly dressed loom have no tension while the upper sheds are fine in tension.  Checked tie-up and it is OK and I don’t see anything else wrong or broken.  What’s wrong and how do I correct it? I’m fairly certain that if you check your warp […]

Help – my weft has a bend or U-shape to it!

I am weaving your Spring Stripes pattern tea towels – 8/2 cotton 18 EPI. I notice that my weft has a bend or U shape to it (i.e. it is not perfectly straight across).  What causes this and can I fix it so that weft coloured stripes look straight? It sounds like you might be […]

Problems weaving on my old Leclerc Jack Loom

I am weaving a log cabin pattern on my old Leclerc jack loom.  I am having trouble with the shed.  The opposite harnesses come up partially with the ones I am stepping on.  Do you have any idea why and what I can do to fix this. I am not an expert with these old […]

Distorted selvedges

I recently completed my 4th rag rug project and a common theme in all of them is a straight end and an end with a smile on it (not a happy smile unfortunately). Two of the rugs (shown in the picture) were woven on the same warp.  Another rug had the same pattern and material […]

How to “fix” a warp thread

I’ve just discovered that I need to replace a warp thread that got threaded under the heddle ‘hole’ instead of through it.  Of course I’ve woven too far to unweave and start again.  Then I remembered, partially, about a trick you have to replace warp threads.  Can’t remember more than that, but it’s a slick […]