Tie-ups on sinking shed versus rising shed looms

I am presently doing a boundweave project and having trouble with the tieup.  My loom is a jack loom (Artisat) and I am presently using standard tieup but when talking about sinking sheds, they should go down, mine don’t, they just stay in place.  When I press 1-2 – they go up but the rest don’t […]

Tie-up for 8 shaft twill in Double Weave

I have read your answer for “weaving twill on 8 shafts” but I’m not sure this is the same as my question. I am trying to weave a twill on 8 shafts in double-weave i.e. weaving a tablecloth double-wide. I have threaded the heddles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and have tried several different […]

Loom with only four treadles and four tie-ups

I recently was loaned a loom with only four treadles and four tie ups.  All of the loom patterns I look at require tying up in multiple places, do you know any patterns for four treadle singular tie up? Most fabrics require a lift of more than one shaft, so for your loom you need […]

How do I tie-up a sinking shed loom

I am a new weaver, and new loom owner to an old loom.  My first projects were towels on a Louet WT 80 (borrowed).  I now own a 1953 Fanny Leclerc.  It has cleaned up beautifully, I have replaced the treadle cords.  I understand you have a Fanny in your studio, I am hoping my […]

Treadle tie-up on a 4 and 8 shaft loom

I have some questions about the treadle tie-up process, and how the 10 treadles might come into play.  I have only had 4 shaft looms, so using 8/10 treadles feels quite different to me.  Once I pick my pattern, get the threading going and then the tie-up, it will probably be much clearer.  If not, […]

Skeleton tie-ups on sinking and rising shed looms

Looking at a tie-up plan, how can I tell if it’s for a Jack Loom or otherwise? With the Hollandia or other similar looms, do the short ties represent the marked shaft in the tie up drawing?   Usually the tie-up box has either an x or an o. If it has an x it […]

8 shaft twill tie-ups

I’ve tried finding a tie-up for an 8 shaft twill, I’ve tried figuring out my own (disaster) and need help.  If I’d had any sense I’d have just tied up a 4 shaft twill, but rethreading the heddles and re-sleying is not an option I’m prepared to take at this stage.  Help! 8 shaft twill […]

Skeleton tie-ups on a Countermarche Loom

Are skeleton tie-ups possible on a countermarche system? You can still have some skeleton tie-ups with countermarche looms.  If you wanted to weave tabby on 4 as a skeleton this is what you do.  I can only show you this in a tie-box – – – – – – X X – – O – […]