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Shafts and lamms not quite level on my Spring Loom

While I was weaving summer and winter towels I was having a problem with the cords jumping off the wheels on my Louet Spring and you advised me to shorten some of the cords (which I did).  I’ve now taken the towels off the loom and disconnected all the lamms, and put the locking pin […]

Cord catching on my Spring treadle

On the Spring there is one tie-up cord that is catching a treadle every time.  The cords are all the same length.  What can I do to fix this. It is very strange, always the same cord. Shorten it by one hole…..if that doesn’t stop it, shorten it by 2 holes. Easy fix. Or,  you […]

The little black wheels and Texsolv cords on my Spring Loom shafts

The texsolv cords for my shafts go around little black wheels at the top and bottom of the loom on both sides.  However they keep coming off the wheels – it seems to be more the front shafts than the back (I’m using 1-8).  I’m doing summer and winter which is heavier on the front […]

What to do with extra harnesses and lamms on Louet Spring

I’ve just received my long awaited Spring loom.  I went for broke and got a 12 harness loom.  I’m almost ready to put on my first project.  (It went together beautifully). Here’s my question.  Since I’m new to the loom, I’m thinking it’s a good idea to be on the less ambitious side, and start […]

Installing and using a Sectional on my Spring Loom

Below are two documents that will help you to install and wind a warp on a Louet Spring sectional beam. Instructions for Installing a Sectional on a Spring Loom Warping on a Sectional Beam

Beater problems on an older Spring Loom

I have a used Spring loom.  When I was weaving my last project I noticed that my fell line was slanted.  I checked all the bolts and screws and tightened it up.  I’m in the process of warping a new project.  I noticed that the beater bar is not hitting my bumpers at the same […]

Loom waste on the Louet Spring

Has anyone calculated their loom waste on a Louet Spring?  I am a fairly young weaver and am using the standard 24” in D. Chandler’s book Learning to Weave but I feel like that might be too much for this loom.  The wonderful thing about the Spring Loom is that you can weave with your apron bar […]

Can the Louet Spring be tied up as a Jack loom?

We are trying a twill from”Eight Shafts A Place To Begin” by Shelp and Wostenberg page 7.  It appears that the tie up must be done as a jack loom tieup.  Can the Spring Louet be tied up as a jack loom.  Or can there be some other modification?  The pattern looks like “M”s interspersed […]

Problems with the left side of the beams on an old Louet Spring

Hi, my cloth beam and warp beam have both grown very tight over the past few months – they only turn if I physically turn them with my hands, and even that is hard to do.  Warp tension and letting off the brake is not enough.  It was fine a few months ago.  Looking at […]

Warping and weaving with two beams on Spring

I have a Louët Spring loom 90 – 8 harnesses and  upgrade it with a second back warp beam.  Before warping some new project on it, I  wondered about the brake.  On the initial warp beam there is a brake, and when I release it, the warp moves forward.  On the second there is none, […]