Sleying the reed

I can’t figure out whether to sley the reed from the centre point out or from left to right.  I’ve gone through the help topics and while I’m sure the answer is there I can’t find it.  I do not sley from centre out…I find that very confusing.  Because I am right handed I sley […]

Combining Boucle and 8/2 or 8/4 Cotton

I have a sett question.  I am going to weave a bath towel.  I want to use cotton boucle for the weft and cotton for the warp.  I want to weave as wide as I can on a 36″ loom so I am thinking of weaving a 2/2 twill pattern.  My question is, which cotton […]

Sett for Harrisville Shetland in Overshot

What sett would you recommend for the Harrisville Shetland as weft/tabby in an overshot weave structure? If you are using Harrisville for warp and tabby weft, then I would sett it at 8 epi.

Reed density for fine yarn

Hello Jane, you were very helpful last year when I was researching the Louet Spring loom.  I finally purchased it, and I am delighted with the way it works.  I now have a question regarding reed density. My intention is to weave yardage fine enough for garments, which I could not do easily on my […]

Softly spun yarn shedding and breaking

The Peruvian grey “tweed” yarn sheds like crazy & breaks when used as a warp of 3 yards. I’m going to finish this & felt it to see if that will hide the broken warps & stop the shedding but wonder what I could have done differently. When you are working with softly spun yarn […]

Metric versus imperial reeds and raddles

Four years ago I bought a Louet Megado 32/52” which came with a 10 dent reed.  This is the first time I’ve used this reed and unfortunately it is not true.  My warp is 46” wide as measured in the raddle.  By the time I finished sleying I lost an inch in warp width.  Before […]

Reed substitution question

I am making a blanket at 8epi in a #5 reed.  In the chart, that would have me sleying 1-2-2.  Over 50”,  which it was in the raddle, I lost 3”.  When I talked to my DH, math whiz that he is, he said that since the substitution is not exact, I should lose 2”.  […]

Metric reeds

When I purchased a second hand loom last year it came with many extras (aren’t I the lucky one?).   Some of those things being metric reeds.  On the reed itself it says either, 2, 3, 4 or 6.  I’m so new to weaving that I have no idea what this might mean or how to […]

Error in denting

Just finished the tie-on to the front rod, all nice and tight and then……noticed that I missed a couple of dents, and one dent has 3 threads.  This is a 12 dent reed, 16/2 cotton, 2 per dent.  I believe that to make it correct I will have to untie, re-sley and retie.  Didn’t want […]