Warping Jane’s Way

I have attached a basic document here that will help you with a multitude of warping questions. It’s a document that makes up a part of a workshop that we hold here at JST called “Honing Your Basic Weaving Skills” and it walks you through the process of making a warp, and warping your loom […]

Weaving with 20/2 silk

I’m planning to weave a scarf out of hand dyed 20/2 silk (weft and warp).  Should I plan to warp it at 20 epi? If you are weaving plain weave and you want a delicate fabric I would sett it at 20 epi.  If you want is to be a sturdy plain weave sett it […]

Using 10/2 mercerized cotton for a scarf

My son wants me to weave him a black and white hounds tooth scarf.  I made one with silk that looks great.  I was wondering if I used cotton, would 10/2mercerized cotton be a less expensive alternative but still look good? It would be lovely.  I would sett it at 24 epi/24 ppi . Happy […]

Sett for Harrisville Shetland in Overshot

What sett would you recommend for the Harrisville Shetland as weft/tabby in an overshot weave structure? If you are using Harrisville for warp and tabby weft, then I would sett it at 8 epi.

Sett for Waffle Weave

I have a structure question.  I am going to make waffle weave tea towels with 8/2 cotton. The pattern says 24 epi.  You recommend 20 epi for plain weave and 22-24 epi for a twill.  I would like to understand why the waffle weave requires a tighter structure.  Could I make the tea towels at […]

Warp-faced scarf in Plainweave?

I am using Variegated Bambu 7 sett at 24 epi.  I am trying to obtain a warp-faced scarf using plain weave.  Originally I set it at 20 epi and used Bambu 12 for weft but found it was not giving me the desired look of the variegated.  I resleyed to 24 epi.  Using the Bambu […]

Sett for Huck Weave in 2/16 cotton

I’m planning to weave fabric for a summer top using huck weave in 2/16 cotton.  Is huck plain weave based and would a sett of 28 epi be appropriate?  The answer to both your questions is:  yes.  Huck weave is plainweave based and 28 epi with 2/16 is a great SETT to choose. Also, check […]

Sett for JST Organic Cotton

I am weaving with the new organic cotton and I was wondering if the sett is the same as your old 2/8 cotton. Yes, you keep your sett exactly the same.   This cotton is very soft.

Weaving with thick and textured yarns

I am about to weave a soft draped shawl in plain weave.  The warp is a 2 ply wool and the weft is a thick/thin slub merino single.  My question is about sett, over one inch of wraps = 4, over five inches the wraps = 5.6/inch.  I want to take into account the shrinkage […]

How do I figure out the sett for a particular yarn?

How do I figure out the sett for a particular yarn? When I’m trying to imagine the ends per inch for a yarn, I wrap the ruler for 1 inch leaving a space between the wraps that is big enough for the weft yarn to fit into.  If the weft yarn is fatter than the […]