Explaining “Beat for 50/50”

Hi Jane…replying to an old post but I was hoping you could clarify what you mean about “beat for 50/50”….I have cotton and wool and would like to use the wool as warp and cotton as the weft.  I am looking to do a more open sett and want to get a lacy fabric.  I […]

Why should I sample? – The answer in Black and White …..

Now, about those samples.  How wide should one do them and how long? I am thinking in terms of wasted yarn – don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider sampling a waste but unlike knitting I can’t undo it and reuse the yarn.  Since I’m not a professional I have to pay full price for […]

Sett for Lace Weave

I tried a re thread for Swedish Lace and sett at 18.  It was really loose and tried 2/20 cotton – NOT pretty.  But it is not that much looser than the “recommended” in some sett charts. Why is lace is sett looser than plain weave and twills are sett closer.  Lace migrates like twill […]

Jane’s Master Sett Chart

Jane has spent her life sampling and testing yarns on their own and in different combinations, for her workshops and production lines.  She knows everyone doesn’t have time to sample to this extent so she is sharing the knowledge gained from that testing with everyone. Jane’s Master Sett Chart encompasses more than 30 years of […]