Do you need a floating selvedge?

In answer to a question raised on the JST Online Guild Forum …….. I hope I didn’t actually say….’avoid floating selvedges’.  I personally don’t like floating selvedges because they slow me down so I only use them when I have to.   Sometimes we do need them in our lives to keep our selvedges on the […]

Selvedges in brief and with visuals

I was just weaving away and noticed that what I was weaving is a good example of controlled draw-in or taping of the selvedge. This is a fine warp Bambu 12 sett at 27 epi and the weft is Zephyr (silk/merino) woven at 27 ppi.  Because it is black and white you can see the […]

Double Weave selvedges not behaving

It just seems that double-weave selvedges are much MUCH fussier than other types of weaving selvedges.  How can I produce clean ones without having to hand manipulate each pick? I always say that selvedges are like teenage boys always trying to sneak out and cause trouble. It is our job to keep them in line. […]

Drawing in as I weave

I am weaving a wool lap shawl and I notice that the right side is tighter than the left side.  Can I adjust my reed somehow?  Or is that the problem? Tightness of one side can be caused by many things but usually has nothing to do with the reed.  You could be drawing in […]

Jane’s thoughts on good selvedges

There are many different ways to handle your selvedges.  We employ special threadings, floating selvedges, denser edges,  all in an attempt to get that perfect straight edge.   You can use regular shuttles, open bottom shuttles, end feed shuttles or temples to aid you in your journey.   I have trained a lot of weavers over […]

Distorted selvedges

I recently completed my 4th rag rug project and a common theme in all of them is a straight end and an end with a smile on it (not a happy smile unfortunately). Two of the rugs (shown in the picture) were woven on the same warp.  Another rug had the same pattern and material […]

Floating selvedge

When should you use a selvedge? I’m assuming you mean a floating selvedge. I only use them with twill and basket weave. I don’t use them with plain weave.